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My triplets have arrived!

 Hi ladies, 

Yesterday was a crazy day to say the least! I have been on hospital bedrest since 27w 3d after going to the hospital with back pain only to find out I was 6 cm dilated. My water broke for baby A at 29w 1d and my miracle babies held on until 30w 2d! I woke up yesterday just not feeling right and soon enough serious contractions started and we were told they would be born that morning. The c-section was super quick. Brennan John born at 9:44 at 3#7oz, Paige Ann at 9:45 weighing 3#4oz, and Connor Charles at 9:46 weighing 2#13oz. They all came out crying and breathing room air. They did get intubated last night as it was explained to me that preemies often need it to help breathing once they get tired. Overall they are doing really well... My identical boys look my my husband and my daughter looks like me:) Thank you ladies somuch for your support and I will update as I can!

Re: My triplets have arrived!

  • Congrats!  Those are great weights.  My boys were born at 29w4d weighing 2lbs13oz and 3lbs3oz 12w ago.  Now they're almost 8lbs!  My B baby was intubated for five days.  Check out the preemie board if you haven't already, it has been a great support.
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  • Congratulations!  I hope your NICU stay is short and uneventful.
  • awesome. congrats
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  • oh how great!  Way to go mama!

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  • Sounds wonderful!!!!!!
  • Congrats mama!
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  • Congrats! Those are great weights. Hoping for an uneventful nicu stay!


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  • Congrats, Congrats, Congrats!!  hope everything goes smooth and you are at home snuggling them soon!
  • Congrats!  So happy you are all healthy!!  Get rest and I hope you get to take them all home soon.
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  • Congrats I hope your nicu time is short. 

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  • Congratulations! Hope you have a short and uneventful NICU stay.
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  • congrats!  god job mama! 
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  • Wow that is awesome! SEnding good thoughts for a short NICU stay..


    Take care,

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  • Congratulations!
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  • Congratulations!! I hope they're stay in the NICU is short and easy!
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  • Congratulations!!!
    D & R were born at 37w5d.

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  • Congrats and I hope your babies have an uneventful NICU stay!

    Love their names as well! 

  • Congratulations!
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  • Congrats!
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    Boy/girl twins born at 37w1d and 37w2d

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  • Congratulations!  Hoping for a speedy recovery for you and getting those babies home!
  • Congrats! :)
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