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morning sickness

Is anyone else extremely sick? Nothing sounds good and I cant keep much down. I started taking Zofran but it seemed to stop working after a few days. Does anyone else have any ideas to not feel sick around the clock?
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Re: morning sickness

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    Not sick (yet?) but been feeling dizzy / lightheaded / queasy for about a week now... one symptom that made me decide to get the pregnancy test out tonight.

    I hope you feel better soon!  The best thing that helped me last time were baby carrots and freezie pops.  :)

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    ME! I'm sick and it sucks. My first pregnancy was the same way- I lost 15 pounds (and I wasn't overweight to start with) the first trimester. It was horrible and I apparently blocked that out.... cause am pregnant again. lol.

    Nothing helps me... ginger ale for a little bit. Eating crackers... Basically I just had to wait it out and after about 13 weeks... magic: it stopped! Then I was hungry all the time... and both my total weight gain and baby ended up perfect!

     Good luck!!! Find something that doesn't make you sick and stick with it!

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    This is pretty much what happened to me. I wasn't drinking enough water, I upped my intake when I found out but not enough. My OB said abou 100 oz a day so I'm drinking a little more and now I'm pretty good. I don't just drink water though I'm also doing gatorade and juices ( real juices not the stuff with all kinds of sugars added).

    Also you can try sea bands and the ginger gum, although I will warn you the gum burned my mouth but did help.

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    I just found out I was pregnant 2 days ago. I have been feeling a little sick, but right now it is mostly dizziness. I do have that sinking feeling in my gut every time I go to eat something though. Food doesn't seem very appetizing right now. I have to force myself to eat.

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