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follow up to MFM question...

Yesterday I posted about looking for an MFM specialst in Staten Island, Now I'm wondering if it's necessary to go to one or would a regular OB be fine.  (I'm almost 9 weeks preggers with twins via IVF). I'm having a hard time finding an MFM that isn't too far away, or doesn't have inconvenient office hours for me.  The regular OB I made an appointment with does deal with high risk pregananices and has a pretty good rep.  I just want to make sure I'm not missing out on anything by not using MFM..... thoughts?   Thanks!

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Re: follow up to MFM question...

  • My OB sent me to a MFM- so see the OB and go to his recommendation. I go to NJ Perionatal- most of the nurses and clients are from SINY- it's not that far and they have been fabulous. They have 3 locations- the closest to you is probably Westfield or Livingston. I love going to a MFM I get tons of care and now on then end I get 2 sonograms a week!
  • I  never once saw an MFM my OB was completely fine and capable of dealing with twin pregnancies
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    I saw a MFM for all my ultrasounds and NST/BPP.  My OB group has delivered many twin pregnancies, and they work well with the MFM, but they only gave recommendations.  My OB's were the ones the did all my care, and delivery.

    I LOVED my OB's-one even had twins herself.  It worked out well for us-I got a better view of the babies, and if there was a problem, the MFM could be called in to look/talk to me.

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  • I've been going to an OB for everything but they have delivered a lot of multiples (was referred by my midwives when I had to be transferred b/c of multiples).  The only time I've had to see a peri/MFM was for my Level II U/S (had increased risk of neural tube defects after quad screening).  Once everything checked out the peri said I could go back to my regular OB.  One thing you'll want to look into before committing to an OB is where they have admitting privileges (which hospitals) especially if you have a preference or want to make sure you are delivering somewhere with a high level NICU. 
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  • I wouldn't want to risk it.  Better safe than sorry?

    My MFM also delivered, so it saved from having double appointments. 

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  • little late responding... but thank you for the insight!  I made an appt with an OB who deals with high risk patients.  I'll just ask at my appt if he suggests I get an MFM too

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