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Can't determine sex with 3 ultrasounds!

Hi all,

Is this common? My husband and I have been the the OB or MFM for 3 different ultrasounds since 16 weeks, and we should have been able to see the sexes of the babies. They can't see! Even at the MFM appt, a 40 min ultrasound, the umbilical cord was always in the way and the legs were crossed on one baby. They THINK the other one is a boy, but they aren't sure. I really want to prepare for these babies, and if there isn't a girl in there, I also need to prepare for that.

 Does this happen more often in twin pregnancies? I have heard that the sex is hard to see later on as they are more squished, but I am starting to get anxious as I just want to know! We are thinking of getting a 3D private scan if the upcoming 20-wk appt in radiology doesn't reveal sex. Are those more accurate for sex?  I read recently how people on here were told mistaken sexes with their twins- is that more common too? I am paranoid that even if they see, they will get it wrong. I know this isn't the most important thing- so far the babies are healthy!- but I just want to know and didn't expect so much uncertainty! Anyone have experience like this? 

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Re: Can't determine sex with 3 ultrasounds!

  • if you don't find out the sexes remember there are tons of other things you can do to prepare for their arrival.  People didn't always get that information early on :).  Good luck!
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  • My first was like that. They kept going back and forth on what she was. I just went with a neutral theme. I bought more clothes after she was born but all her gear was all neutral. Even though they are saying I'm having 2 boys I still am going neutral. Our last baby they told us a bunch of times he was a girl and we prepared hard for a girl. I don;t want that kind of surprise again. 

  • My babies were very wiggly at my a/s so the tech was able to see the sexes clearly. The tech said with the amount of movement they were doing that it would be hard to miss something flapping around (They are both girls). I will however still be asking at every u/s if they are still girls just to make sure :P


  • We didn't know for sure until babies were born. 

    I had MANY MANY MANY u/s due to very high risk pg and every time it was a guess - "we think its a boy and a girl... but don't buy pink and blue yet...".  A few times the U/S guessed boy/boy though.

     The majority of our scans guessed b/g and those U/S techs were right - it was b/g.

    I tried going to private 3D/4D scan place 2 different times and they could not tell either. Luckily they did not charge me for service.

    I am a planner and wanted to have everything ready for whatever I was having and have it all purchased ahead of time.   So we really wanted to know the sex too and it drove us crazy.

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  • At 16w, we were told b/g. Baby B had the umbilical cord between the legs and it was difficult to determine the gender. But, at 20 w, Baby B spread his legs and we learned we are 100% team blue. It was actually pretty funny since the u/s tech was worried she had been measuring the wrong baby all that time. The MFM told us she tells the techs to never give guesses before 20w. 
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  • Oh you will definitely see- just wait! And don't waste your $ on 3/4D they are free at the MFMs office- I get 2 a week now!
  • With 3dd they usually start off with a regular ultrasound to determine sex...and the 3d stuff is done for the face shots.  You could just give it another go.  I think I paid around 80-90 dollars for the scan....but it was so worth it because we saw them and it was such a relaxing atmosphere and dh got to sit on a nice couch 
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  • Thanks, everybody! I'm trying to stay patient. I just know that the arrival date is so much more unpredictable with twins- I feel like I want everything ready, including names, for whenever they come. Hope we will find out one of these days!
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  • It took several ultrasounds to figure out the sexes of my twins. Twin A was determined to be a girl at our anatomy scan, but B kept her legs tightly crossed. Same story at our repeat a/s (B also kept her face covered...). Finally, the tech at our ECG was able to see that she was a girl. 

  • If it helps, at my 34 week peri apt they did verify (oddly, several times!) That Spencer was all boy.  I dont think the window closes completely on you.  But I would be dying to know too!!

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  • They coudln't determine at my last u/s either.  Shy babies!  i am hoping to find out at our level 2 in a couple of weeks.  I know how it feels to want to know!  I hope they can tell for you soon!
  • If you're only 18/19 weeks along there is still plenty of time to find out genders.  Our u/s tech gave us a 95% chance that baby A was a girl at 17 weeks but we did not know if baby B was a boy or a girl until my 20 week a/s.  I was truthfully more concerned about their growth and measurements than their gender at that point.  We had several more growth scans after that, and it was always confirmed that they were girls.  You're still pretty early, I wouldn't worry too much yet.
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