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How will we reintegrate?

DH left when Seth was 3 weeks. He won't be back until Seth is almost 9 months. So it is me, all me. I don't trust anyone with Seth. I know I MUST trust DH, though. How am I going to reintegrate?!! I am so nervous already and I still have 4 months left.
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Re: How will we reintegrate?

  • I had a very similar experience with my husbands last deployment. He left when our son was 2 weeks old and came home a few days after his first birthday. I was worried about how him coming home would be but honestly they both did great! It took some time for him to really learn all the ins and outs of taking care of our little boy but they were great together from the beginning.
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  • I would just discuss your schedule with DH and let him know what you guys usually do.  Maybe let him watch your day and the way you do things and just remember that even though he may do things differently doesn't mean they are wrong.  I've had to keep myself from telling MH how to do things many times.  Don't stress.  When he comes home it should be a happy time and not something to worry about.  :)
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