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I'm going to do it!

I totally feel like I can pull off a bikini this summer.  However, a ton of my old students are members of the pool that I belong to.  The one day that I showed up in a bikini thinking barely anyone I would know would be there, one of my old students was having his birthday party there.  Needless to say, my shirt never came off.

My best friend is literally in the air on her way here this weekend, and DH is heading out for a guys weekend in Vegas.  So, my BFF and I are taking DD to the beach one day.  I'm definitely busting out the bikini for the beach!  Wish me luck!

Re: I'm going to do it!

  • do it!!! I busted out a bikini at a water park last week.  it was rather entertaining. no way am I spending money on a maternity bathing suit that I'm going to wear like 4 times...
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