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Insulting comments...smart a$$ response?

A lady at work (never met before): When are you due?

Me:  6 weeks, it's coming quickly!

Lady:  Oh wow, and you're already that big.  The last 6 weeks is where you gain the most. 

Me:  silent

So....the next time I get an insulting comment, I want to have a good (and more than likely sarcastic) reply.  I probably wouldn't be able to say any of these outloud, but it would make me laugh just knowing I could blurt one out. 

 So far I have: 

  • Well you must be due anyday then. 
  • I'm sorry, did you just call me fat?  I'm not fat, I'm pregnant.  Which are you?

Re: Insulting comments...smart a$$ response?

  • I hated that. And for the record, in the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy, I gained exactly ZERO lbs. So, no, you don't necessarily gain the most then.
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  • How about "well, that was rude! i'm not pregnant."


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  • Thanks.  I'm pretty sure any weight I'm gaining now is 100% fluid retention.  The day I see my feet and ankles at their pre-pregnancy size I will do a bit of a jig!
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