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The moments following birth...STMs

I know every situation is different, but just curious what your experiences were in the moments and hour following the birth of your son/daughter?

How soon were you able to BF your baby? How soon were you ready for visitors, a shower, food, a walk? Any other info would be great as I'm very curious about this time.

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Re: The moments following birth...STMs

  • I know everyone will be different, but...

    With me, I was able to hold my son immediately after he was born [something I'd requested to do]. I got to hold him for 2-3 minutes before he was taken to be cleaned up and I got stitched up. I was able to see him for a few more minutes before he was taken away for more testing, but he slept in the room with us most of the time.

    I was up walking an hour after I delivered - they said once I peed on my own, I could do what I wanted, so I went to the bathroom, ate a late dinner and was wheeled to recovery with DS. I had visitors the next day, but I was so tired the next day that they didn't stay for long. I also had a bath that next day, and that was heavenly.

    I hope this time goes the same way - I felt pretty great after delivery.


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  • BF almost immediately--as soon as she seemed interested (20ish minutes?)

    Visitors--I wish I'd waited longer.  Probably an hour?  It turns out they were waiting while I was pushing (I didn't know) and I felt obligated to let them in.  This time I'm calling the shots.

    Shower--I probably could have showered earlier, but visitors were there.  I think I waited about 3 hours?  Don't remember.  

    Food--as soon as they could bring it to me!  I was starving.  It was probably 45 minutes or so.

    Walking--I certainly wasn't fast, but I was up as soon as the nurses said it was safe (epidural).


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  • Oh gosh, those moments flew by in a whirlwind. Let's see, the moment DD was born they placed her on my chest. It was the most overwhelming feeling. Relief, a little shock, excitement, a strange sense of familiarity. I had told my mom and aunt (the only two people waiting at the hospital during my labor) that we'd want at least a couple hours to get to know DD before we brought them in, but it must have been 10 minutes after she was born and I was begging someone to please go get them. I held her skin to skin on my chest for a long time it seemed. She just stared around at all of us while I delivered the placenta and was stitched up. I also remember I was starving. My doula brought me a sandwich to gobble up during that time. I was eternally grateful. Within about the hour we nursed. At some point they gave DD a bath and the pediatrician evaluated her. Then we sort of settled in for the night.

    I was up and around within a couple hours. I showered and freshened up more after getting some sleep. The nurses came in periodically to massage my uterus and what have you. Sleep was always interrupted. I did not love that part. Visitors (a sparse few, just my siblings and parents) came the following afternoon. It was nice to have some company by that point. 

    I'm sure I'm leaving out gaping holes in this recount. I was so exhausted I don't have a very accurate recall. 

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  • I had an emergency c/s, so it takes about 30 min for the dr to close you up after they take the baby.  Then you go to recovery for a while.  DD was brought into recovery and I BF there for the first time.  I could not wait for a shower, but they don't allow you to shower for 24 hrs after c/s.  I had the c/s at 6PM and was walking a few hours later, by the next morning I could get in & out of bed by myself.  I was ready for food IMMEDIATELY!




  • I had severe tearing, so they measured DS and cleaned him up while the Dr worked on me. As soon as they handed him to me he wanted to nurse. I had a roomful of people for delivery, so i felt like we had visitors right away. We had some friends drop in the next day too. I ate as soon as DS was finished nursing and thought it was the best meal of my life. It was late, so we went to bed right after i ate and family left. I got a shower the next day and hated it. It was so uncomfortable to stand and I did not want anything touching my body, not even water. Emotionally, there was that wonderful "I'm a mom! Look at my sweet boy. I can finally hold him" feeling, but physically i was miserable for the next 2 weeks.
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  • I was able to hold DS for about 5 min immediately after, then they brought him over to his cart to do his apgar, footprints for birth certificate & measurements. This was all while I delivered the placenta & was being sewn up. MH & sister were present for delivery.

    Then my other sister & mom came in once I was done being sewn up. By then they had swaddled DS & gave him back to me. I tried to BF, but he didn't latch right away. Then MH held him & I forget the rest haha.

    ETA - I was moved to a recovery room a few hours after delivery in a wheel chair. That's when I got up to pee for the first time.  The nurse helped me pee since I was still wobbly from the epi. I fainted in the bathroom & needed to be brought back with smelling salts. It was really scary.They said I had a lot of blood loss which is why I fainted. I know it was also b/c I was looking down for a long time after I peed b/c I was watching the nurse help me with the squirt bottle & how to break the ice pack, put it in the underwear, apply the tucks & cream, etc. Then when I lifted my head up, I started to see stars & that's when it all went bad!

    They got me into bed, put a fan on me & gave me ginger ale. Except then I caught a chill & my whole body started shaking like crazy. It was so scary. It was something I was totally unprepared for. It's the type of stuff no one ever tells you! (Which is why I decided to share).

    Then the nurse ordered me food. It was dinner time & I hadn't eaten since dinner the day before!

    I didn't shower till the next day. It was hard b/c I was in pain, but I felt better after. Tired, but refreshed.

    On the first day, MH stayed with DS in the nursery while they gave him his first bath. He recorded it so I was able to watch it later.

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  • I had c-sections with both my boys, so I didn`t get to hold them right away, but DH got to go with them to check scores and was able to take pictures etc, and then he brought them to see me.  Once the drs were done evaluating each of them, DH got to hold them and carry them to the recovery room, where I nursed both of them right away.  I wasn`t allowed to be up and walking for 24 hrs, because I had IVs and a catheter in, and I was only allowed liquids for the first 12 hours (i think).  I was allowed to order what I wanted from the cafeteria for supper that night.  I had a shower the next morning.  At our hospital, the babies and parents are never seperated (unless you request baby to be taken to the nurses station while you sleep), so one of us was with the boys at all times.
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  • I had a scheduled c/s with both kids.  Baby delivered, brought to DH to hold beside me, I got to kiss and snuggle for a bit, then DH and the baby went to the nursery to be looked over.  I remember feeling sad that they were leaving but just relieved that the baby was out and really, really tired all of the sudden.  I was closed up, moved to recovery, snoozed for a bit, reunited with baby in our room.  We kept the baby with us 24/7 and it was the best bonding time ever - we couldn't stop staring at our new baby(ies) and just felt totally in awe of it all.

    I was allowed to shower and do whatever else I wanted as soon as I was up on my feet and wanted to shower.  DS's c/s was at 11:30 and I was up early that evening, DD's c/s was at 7:30 and I was up mid-afternoon.  I showered early the next morning with each and felt well enough to blow dry my hair and put on make up.  

    Visitors - we requested friends wait until we got home, so it was just immediate family.  Grandparents were all in the waiting room during the c/s and I felt up to seeing everyone within an hour of getting into our room.  They all stayed about an hour then left so we could rest.

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  • DS pooped as he was coming out. (born at 10:30am) he was placed on my chest immediately and DH took a few pictures of him.  about 10 mins later they had to take him to clean him up (there was baby poop everywhere) do his measurements, apgars etc.  I delivered the placenta while holding him and was stitched up while he was being cleaned etc.  as soon as he was clean my parents and DH's mom came in the room to meet him.  they were there about a half hour then we had to move to recovery.  the nurse made me get up and pee before we left (epidural) DS went to have something done while they moved me to recovery, maybe have his ankle monitor put on? I don't remember exactly.  When we got to recovery I nursed him for the first time, then my parents and DH's mom came back in and held him while I ate lunch. A few hours later I went for a walk down the hall and that evening I took a shower. 
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  • I had a c-section. The first I think 30-45 minutes I was still in the OR getting put back together and stapled. I got to see DS briefly, then he and DH disappeared into the recovery room (policy at that hospital). I was incredibly nauseated, so the anesthesiologist kept pumping me full of anti-nausea meds. I didn't even know that part til after, though...the nausea kept growing and it didn't seem like the meds were doing anything.

    I got to recovery and got to hold my son for the first time. We tried breastfeeding immediately and DS latched right on. It was incredible. :) I was in recovery some indeterminable amount of time, then moved to my room. For hours I was really drowsy and would fade in and out between the anti-nausea meds and the pain meds. I remember a nurse coming in to give DS his first bath, but I couldn't participate and at that point I think I was only awake for 1 to 2 minutes at a time.

    So not the best. :) The 2nd day was much better for us. I don't remember much clearly and I had quite a bit of amnesia at first, but it came back slowly through talking to DH and such.

    ETA: All of this (I got interrupted before and didn't want to lose it).

    Once I was in my room and starting to wake up they told me I could order any food I wanted. I think it was around 9pm (c-section started around 4:45pm I think?) and I went with chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans. I didn't eat much of it and ended up vomiting all of it plus tons of dry heaving into a pan the nurse held since I still couldn't get up. After that I had broth and toast intermittently until breakfast the next morning, and even that had to be light.

    Sometime around 2 or 3am I was able to walk to the bathroom and pee with lots of assistance. By the next day I was able to get in and out of bed by myself.

    I think I had my first shower late afternoon the following day, but was ordered by the nurse to use the shower chair since I was still shaky standing up for long.

    I think we had our first visitor the following afternoon. We didn't expect anyone, really, and it was a male friend (not BFF or anything), so that was a bit weird, but he didn't stay long. We had no family or close friends in the entire region at that point (we moved at 26 weeks pregnant), so besides that guy, the only other guests we had were a few of DH's work friends.

     Some people say their c-sections were easy to recover from, so maybe this is worse than most people's experiences? I dunno. 

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  • I gave birth just before 5 am, so I was exhausted and hungry after the birth. I remember being in my own room (our hospital has separate labor/delivery rooms and post-partum rooms) and eating breakfast around 7 am. I honestly have no recollection of when exactly I first fed DD. My ILs came to visit sometime that afternoon. I didn't shower until the next day because I had bad internal tearing and I still had a catheter in for the first day after the birth. I did however get up periodically to use the restroom for a pad change and to empty the urine bag. I wasn't up to taking a walk anywhere besides the bathroom and the snack room across the hall until I was discharged, due to the painful tears caused by my lovely DD coming out with her hand up next to her face.


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  • I had a scheduled c-section. DH got to hold LO and brought him next to my face so I could see him and kiss him. My entire family, it felt like, was there in recovery while I was in surgery and they actually got to hold my DS before I did (I think)! They bathed LO and brought him to me in recovery when I got to hold him and try to BF. Then more of my family came into recovery and he was passed around like a hot potato. After that, I was wheeled to my room and they brought DS for more tests and visitors I think went right to my room when I did. It was really a blur though from all of the excitement and medication. I do know that there is like a 2 person max in recovery and I had about 14 people in there. Quite the circus and I hope not to repeat that again.

    I should add, I didn't walk/get up until much later the following day (over 24 hours later) and was in a ton of pain. This time, I'm trying to walk/get up right away. 

  • hmp1hmp1 member

    Time is all kind of a blur. 

    DS was born at 6:30pm. I had requested they towel off DS before handing him to me. So the doctor held him up for us to see, then handed him to the nurse who was standing there with a towel, then she put DS on my chest. I held him for a little while before DH cut the cord. I remember being sooooo thirsty and they finally let me have some water at that point (I had been eating ice chips only all afternoon).  I can't remember if I BF'd before or after they weighed/measured him.  DH held him after he was weighed and the doctor finished sewing me up. I guess he removed the cath also, don't recall that at all.

    I was in L&D for about an hour after the birth before they asked me to try to stand up. I was able to walk at that time. Then they took me to my pp room while DH went with DS to the nursery. I used the bathroom, cleaned up a little, and put on my clothes.  The nurse walked me down to the nursery and then DH walked back with me to the room and the nurse pushed DS. We ate dinner a little after 8. We hung out with DS, just us, and I nursed some more. I had the nurse take DS back to the nursery around midnight so we could go to sleep.

    Our hospital had a rule that someone had to stay awake and the lights had to be on if DS stayed in our room that first night so we decided to send him to the nursery. They brought him to me every 2-3 hours to nurse. 

    I showered the next morning and we started having visitors around 9am. 

    The next morning after the pedi examined DS we were told we could leave later that afternoon or we could stay until Sunday, our choice. I decided to stay the extra day because I was nervous to leave. This time I will leave as soon as they let me. 

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  • imageholly71087:
    DS pooped as he was coming out. (born at 10:30am) he was placed on my chest immediately and DH took a few pictures of him.  about 10 mins later they had to take him to clean him up (there was baby poop everywhere) do his measurements, apgars etc.  I delivered the placenta while holding him and was stitched up while he was being cleaned etc.  as soon as he was clean my parents and DH's mom came in the room to meet him.  they were there about a half hour then we had to move to recovery.  the nurse made me get up and pee before we left (epidural) DS went to have something done while they moved me to recovery, maybe have his ankle monitor put on? I don't remember exactly.  When we got to recovery I nursed him for the first time, then my parents and DH's mom came back in and held him while I ate lunch. A few hours later I went for a walk down the hall and that evening I took a shower. 

    I had no idea that could happen! I bet you all had a good laugh about that one Smile

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  • I held her for a moment immediately afterwards and then they took her to clean her up and all that stuff while I got stitched up (I had an episiotomy). My mom, sister were present during the birth, along with my husband, and my MIL came in not too long afterwards.

    I remember they took her to the nursery after the doctors were done with me for her tests and stuff, and they gave me something to eat. I hadn't eaten all day because they were all positive that I was going to need a c-section since my daughter's head was measuring big (runs in the family, LOL). 

    I had problems getting her to breastfeed in the hospital. They told me that she was groggy and unresponsive to feeding because of the epidural that I had received during labor. She was also a bigger baby (9 lbs 2 oz). She lost weight in the hospital, and we even had to stay an extra day because of it. But she turned out fine.

    As far as showering, I think I had to wait 24 hours, I don't remember why. And I don't think I took a walk until the morning after (she was born at 7 pm).

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  • I got to hold DD immediately; they did apgar tests/whatever else while she was on my tummy (per my request).  I held and nursed her during the stitching, as she wanted to immediately it seemed like.  When I finally let DH hold her, I was like, "Oh yeah, how much does she weigh?" and it was funny because I had pretty much been the only one holding her so nobody had any idea. 

    My Mom and sisters were in the room.  Once placenta was delivered and I was all stitched up, we let my Dad come in the room.  He and my Mom held her for a minute then we kicked everyone out to let DH's parents in.  They held her, took a pic, and then were on their way so DH and I could enjoy her.  This time around nobody is holding him until we're in our private room.  Mom & Sis's are welcome to come if they'd like again, but I'd like to get at least the full hour with just DH, baby and myself.  In laws will have DD, so they won't even be coming until we request them to bring her. 

    I walked from the delivery room to the recovery room, while being asked like 15 times if I was "sure I was okay?!"  I felt great!  (natural birth)  What felt even better was my shower.  It was glorious.  There were jets coming out of the walls EVERYwhere, and it just felt great on my sore body.  Smile

    I had requested as much as possible be done in my room.  She only left once, for the hearing test.  One of the peds nurses made a big stink about having to do the bath in my room... and I swear she left DD in the warmer MUCH longer than was necessary because she was annoyed with my request.  If I could do it over again, I'd probably just pick her up and hold her skin to skin.  I could have died listening to her screaming and not being able to hold her, just because the nurse had left the room.  They claimed you have to wait to take them out until their temp reaches a certain point (can't remember what that was), yet she walked out of the room so many times, that she missed the temp.

    Oh yes, I left one part out - food.  I was ready to eat immediately!  Some point during the labor I recall saying that I was going to get this show on the road because I wanted to be done in time for lunch.  I even asked what time was the latest you could order food.  Smile  I had her at 11:35, so I made it right in time for lunch!!  I didn't really feel like eating during labor, so I'm not sure if they'd even allow it.  I did drink tons of water, which was great, because I did NOT want an IV to drag around.  [I requested and got a hep lock, so the tube was still there, but I hate having to cart that big thing around if its not necessary].  I guess if I wasn't drinking the water, they would have made me I was told.

    Like others have posted, sleeping was terrible.  They woke me up every five seconds it seemed like.  Checking stitches, pushing on abdomen, checking baby, asking if I wanted to send her to nursery, asking if/when/how long she ate, asking if/when/what type of dirty diaper, etc, etc.  I was very ready to go home when the time came!!

  • Manx4Manx4 member

    Our doctors & nurses encouraged us to just be the "three of us" for the first hour after birth.  We did allow our parents into the room after about 20 minutes (that gave the doc time to get me all sewn up, baby cleaned up and we figured out a name for him).  They stayed for 10 minutes max, then were kicked back out again. 

    We really cherished that time we spent as just us - it flew by.  It had to have been at least two hours or more before they moved us to the "mommy & baby" room.  

    As for food - they couldn't get it to me fast enough, they didn't let me eat until after I had him, I did sneak in snacks via my husband thankfully - I was in labor for 25 hours, I was STARVING.  

    I was so tired I didn't really want to shower but my husband helped me get up & into the shower.  I sat on the chair pretty much the entire shower because my legs were so shaky.  

    I don't think I took an actual walk until the next day and even then I was a bit wobbly.  Visitors started showing up later the first night after I had had him.  I just laid in bed while they ooh'd & ahh'd over him.  

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  • Thanks for posting this question and thanks to all the STMs for answering. I've been between tears and a huge grin the entire time I've read it. I can't wait to make these memories!

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  • As soon as she was out and they cleared her mouth/nose they put her on my chest. She pee'd immediately and then pooped on me. She was under a blanket and I had no idea what it was so I freaked out a little. I held her for a while and then they took her to get measurements etc and then she came right back to BF. She latched almost immediately which was a huge relief! So I BF within the first hour.

     It took the doc over an hour to finish stitching (ouch) and then the nurse decided I needed to eat ( I wasn't hungry at all but I had lost a good amount of blood and needed something) I was so woozy from the epi that I had a hard time controlling my movements and was shaking so badly that I couldn't hold DD. 

    They took us up to our room about 3 hours after she was born and I had to go potty. The nurse had to half carry me in and I could not go. I ended up with a catheter and she told me not to try to get out of bed again for a while. It was the next day before I could fully support myself standing. It took me 48 hours to be able to walk without help.

     Needless to say I'm hoping to avoid drugs this time... and definitely hoping for less tearing! 

  • My situation isn't common, but I wanted to share anyway. Despite the fact that everything turned out well in the end, I'm hoping and praying for a more "normal" experience this time around.

    I was induced for pre-e at 35 weeks. I was told that I "might" be able to hold him, but there was a good chance he would go straight to the NICU. He came out pink and crying, so they let me hold him for about 10 minutes. It was amazing and I was so greatful. He (along with MH) then went to the NICU for further evaluation. Once the doctor's finished with me, I went down and saw him too. His sucking reflex wasn't good, so he was being tube fed. I sat in my room and pumped every three hours to bring my milk in and then brought it down to him for his tube. I don't think I actually breastfed him until he was in the step down nursery (two days later). I know I ate a big meal that afternoon (he was born at 9am) and took a shower at some point. It's all a bit hazy. As for visitors, my mom was there pretty much right away and my dad and stepmom came later that night.  Both were able to hold him in the NICU.

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  • My situation with DD wasn't typical, and reading these has me really hoping things go smoother this time around!

    I was induced at 39 weeks due to pre-e, had a horrible reaction to the magnesium and hemorrhaged really badly. So for the first 24 hours after DD was born, I couldn't hold her, try to nurse, eat, get out of bed or really even stay awake for more than a minute or two at a time. Finally, at dinner time Thursday (DD was born 4:45pm Wed.) I was able to eat some soup, have my catheter removed and transfer to a mother-baby room. We'd been in an antepartum suite until then because it was easier for the OB to check in often. Then I was finally able to start nursing. I didn't shower or eat normally until Friday, and let me tell you it was wonderful to have food and feel clean again!! The only visitors we had were my mom and SIL who were both visiting from out-of-state. They had nothing to do but hang out with us and I liked the company so they were there the whole time.

    I'm hoping this time I'll be able to have a better delivery, hold and nurse the baby right away and be showering and eating soon afterwards!

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