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Gearing up for new cycle...trying to get "pumped" lol

Well I'm on day 4 of a brand new cycle.  I'm trying really hard to be positive but it's tough.  I know we haven't been trying very long, but I'm so nervous about my age (38).  We have decided to really go for it this month and DTD every other day leading up to ovulation with an extra go around ovulation time.  A lot of things have to go right for this to happen... First and foremost, we both have to stay healthy! This is easier said than done as my 19 month old daughter is in daycare and we're all sick every 3 weeks or so it seems.  We missed some prime time last month because Dh got whatever DD had.  Second, I don't want DH to burn out...I think I will be fine but am more worried about him, especially since he will know we are "trying".  Sometimes he gets nervous and we all know what that can lead to. :(  Well..I probably have a good 2 weeks or so as I tend to ovulate between days 17-20.  So I'm trying to get myself psyched up for it (as opposed to psyched out lol).

Anyone else?

Me - 38 DH - 38 DD - 2 pregnancy

Re: Gearing up for new cycle...trying to get "pumped" lol

  • Exactly this.  I used my last OPK last month and so I decided this month we will just temp and DTD every other day from period to period, possibly ED close to when O usually is.  This is month number 6, so after this one, it's time to make a doctor's appointment.

    Good luck!!! Build up that stamina!

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  • Good luck to you too!  FX this is our month!



    Me - 38 DH - 38 DD - 2 pregnancy
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  • Good luck!  I'm on a similar timeline as you.  I'm 37 ( will be 38) in Sept and we are TTC #1.  I started temping this month and have been using OPK's.  I am a very goal driven person and I have to work hard not to get frustrated with the process.  I mean, if we are doing everything right, the natural step should be a positive.  :-)
  • I forgot to add.  Right now my husband is thinking that the is the best thing that has ever happened to him (all of the bd'ing).    But I do worry about him eventually burning out.
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