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What did you FB pg announcement look like??

what did you say? I am lost on how to tell the world! I sorta wanna get the message across that this took almost 100 years to happen ya know?? I dont want to hear the "oh see, we knew it would work after you adopted". But at the same time I am not looking for pity. any ideas on how to spill the beans??


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missed miscarriage nov 2006- 4 failed clomid cycles-
3 failed femara iui cycles-
moving on to IVF oct 2011
ER nov. 7th
tansfered 2 blasts on 11/10
lots of +hpt!!
beta #1 on 11/21= 50.4
beta #2 on11/23= 90.8
another miscarriage 12/23
moving on to Round 2 of IVF with an auto immune dx
ER 4/23-retrieved 12 eggs
ET 4/28 3 transfered
Beta #1- 356
Beta #2- 870

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Re: What did you FB pg announcement look like??

  • Take a picture of your son in a "Big Brother" t-shirt & post that.
    TTC since 2006 3 Fertility Clinics Test, Pills & Injectables....oh my. Numerous failed IUI's 7 or 8 or more? IVF #1 June 2012 ~ praying this is the only one ER 6/13/12 - 13 ret, 7 fertilized, 7 progressing, ET 6/15/12, BFN & No freeze babies. Onto IVF #2 in October 2012. No, wait, body not cooperating. IVF #2 in November 2012 IVF #2 Began Provera in Sept to make me start. Never started. I O'd on my own??? 2 weeks of BCPs. Period. Baseline & Labs 10/25 Stims started 10/26 ~ 225 Follistim in the am. 150 Bravelle & 5 Lupron in pm. Trigger 11/4, ER 11/6, ET 11/9 - 2 great embies. 3 Freezebabies. Beta 11/23/2012 BFN. Now what??? I don't know if I can keep going? Daisypath Anniversary tickers I know the Lord would put a strong desire in my heart if it wasn't meant to be. - Isaiah 41:10
  • i accident outed myself when replying to a status on FB. 

    One person noticed and that was all it took

    I then posted a picture of DD and I with my 24ish week belly.  and said thank you for the well wishes that we are happily expecting a baby boy in August. 

    TTC #2 since June '08

    ~*DD 10.21.07*~

    dx unexplained

    IUI #1-4 BFN

    IVF#1 June 2011 BFN

    IVF#2 Dec 2011

    Beta#1 12/21 : 812 Beta#2 12/23 : 1634

    EDD 8/25


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  • I posted something simple like:

    "It's with grateful hearts that H and I announce the impending arrival of Baby D coming this October. Many thanks for those providing support and prayers that last few years, our family is so blessed..."

    It was super important for me to acknowledge the fact that I didn't just get pregnant right away and also to thank friends and family.  

    "I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted what I asked of him." ~1 Samuel 1:27
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  • Mine said something along the lines of, "after a long journey with lots of bumps along the way, we are excited to.share..."
    2/11 Diagnosis: DOR-AMH .62, LPD and MFI-4% Morph
    IVF #1-July 2011 7/9/11-Started Stims
    7/20/11-ER:No eggs in 4/5 follicles. Left the 5th follie intact and converted to an IUI
    8/3/11-Beta #1=BFN,
    Nov, 2011 BFP #1=m/c at 7 wks 3 days
    11/11-AMH .47, IVF #2 March 2012...or not!! Surprise BFP on 2/19. Beta #1=161. Beta #2 305 Our little miracle girl is on her way! Due Oct 29, 2012
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  • kelnyckelnyc
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    This was ours:

    The Jellybean will (finally!) be here in August! ? 
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    After 22 cycles and 4 failed IUIs, Serafina joined our family through IVF/ICSI, born 8.28.12
    Our surprise baby, Juliette, is due 12.8.14!

  • I was pumpkin picking in the fall and had a friend take a picture of DH and I holding 2 little pumpkins and I posted, "Expecting 2 little pumpkins in the Spring!" I haven't announced this pregnancy yet. 

     Eta: for this pregnancy I will definitely acknowledge the bumps and losses along the way but I haven't quite figured out how. 

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    IVF #1 BFP b/g twins!; loss at 23 weeks due to I.C. and PTL. IVF #2 BFP 5/26/12; due date 2/6/13; TAC surgery 7/20/12, blessed with another girl & boy! 

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  • I did not acknowledge IF in my announcement but did the following week for infertility awareness week. My announcement is my siggy pic.


    We welcomed our girls on 11.7.12 @ 40w0d!
    Emerson Lily 6 lbs 13 oz & Ellis Willow 6 lbs 9 oz

  • In my announcement, I simply said "and baby makes 3..." (this was super early, partially because I wanted the support from my friends and family if anything happened, and also to share our exciting news, since we had shared about IF and our IVF cycle). When we got our NT scan, I posted a picture of the little guy, saying "Look what we (plus a few doctors, nurses, and embryologists) made!"
    TTC since April 2009

    Endometriosis and MFI

    Varicocelectomy June 2010

    Laparoscopy March 2011

    IUI #1 April 2011 - BFN

    IUI #2 July 2011 - Cancelled

    IVF #1 November/December 2011, elective single embryo transfer

    Baby boy born 9-4-12, 8 lbs, 7 oz

  • I happend to announce during IF awareness week.  Here's what I posted "After battling infertility for 5 years, I'm overjoyed to be able to say that I'm pregnant!! The journey has not been easy - but we've finally found some hope and happiness after our 6th IVF embryo transfer. Dave and I appreciate all the positive thoughts and prayers that our friends and family have sent our way and hope you continue to do so. We hope to hold a beautiful baby in our arms in November!"
    Tara & Dave - TTC since September 2006
    PCOS - dx 1999 (amenorrhea) | freakishly long fallopian tubes
    Hypoglycemic | thyroid issues | severely anemic
    Multiple Clomid cycles of 50, 100, 150 - absolutely no response
    Follistim 50/100 | Follistim 75/125 | Follistim 100/150 IUI - all BFNs
    Converted IVF - BFP - m/c | FET - BFN | IVF #2 = BFN
    IVF #3
  • Here is what I posted last night:

    After 3 ? years of infertility, a pregnancy loss, numerous failed infertility treatments, and countless nights of tears wondering if we would ever be parents, we are excited to announce that we are pregnant! Our little snowflake should arrive in early January 2013. While we are closer to our dreams coming true, this journey will not be completely over until our little snowflake is safely in our arms. Please keep us in your prayers. :)

    Finally pregnant through the miracle of embryo adoption after 3 1/2 years TTC.
    One angel in heaven: 2/23/2010.
    Adopted 6 embryos in September 2011.
    FET with 2 perfect embryos on 4/26/2012.
    Beta #1 (12dp5dt): 315
    Beta #2 (14dp5dt): 714
    Beta #3 (16dp5dt): 1909
    U/S 5w4d: One perfect little bean.
    Ecstatic to be pregnant; but sad that one of our embies joined his/her sibling in heaven.
    U/S 6w5d: HR was 123 bpm; absolutely perfect!
  • After a/s I am hoping to post a pic of our "reveal" cupcakes w/the icing showing and some simple text on the image..."Welcoming Baby Girl/Boy Last Name in November..." 
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  • DrRxDrRx
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    I posted "...is nurturing her inner child...literally!" and then waited for the comments. It was fun. :)

    I also posted just a regular message in spanish for my family in Spain.  What's funny is that one of DH's cousins didn't get it from my post but figured it out from my post in spanish using the little spanish she learned in high school!

    TTC Since July 2008.
    Me: PCOS DH: Low everything (MFI)
    Clomid with TI x 3 2010 BFN
    Clomid+IUI+Ovidrel 2010 BFN
    IVF w/ICSI #1 2011
    9/8/11 Beta #1: 2082!! 9/19/11 Beta#2 34,689!! U/S 9/22/11 HR 127! 11/8/11 HR 150! 12/6/11 HR 136! 12/14/11 HR 139! Born at 26w2d on 2/4/2012! After 83 days in the NICU, Adalyn came home on 4/26/12!
    FET 1 3/2013 BFN
    FET 2 5/2013 BFN
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  • albjagalbjag
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    I didn't really announce - but posted

    "I think Man Vs Food is like food porn for someone with gestational diabetes"


    "in the voice of cartman: screw you GD- I'm having ice cream.  Sometimes a girl has to give into her cravings

    But more recently I said I had originally wanted to be surprised by the gender when the baby was born, but decided that becoming pregnant after struggling w/ IF for 5 yrs was surprise enough so we peeked and can't wait to meet our son


    Surprise BFP after 5 yrs of TTC
  • Wille2b, I missed your TWIN announcement!!! Congrats! For my FV announcement, I posted a pic of me holding a onesie w/the caption "guess what?" and then after an hour and a half or so, posted another pic of me holding two onesies, caption "and there's a little more to the story". The next day my status thanked everyone for their kind words and well wishes, and asked that they keep us in their thoughts as we embark on the next leg of an already long journey
    Me: 30, Dx Unexplained/hypothalamic amenorrhea
    DH: 31, normal!
    April/May 2011: Menopur + Ovidrel +TI = BFN
    Oct 2011: Menopur + Hcg +IUI = BFP!
    Beta #1 (13dpiui)= 129.7, Beta #2 (15 dpiui)= 305
    PAIF/SAIF always welcome!
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  • Since we were expecting twins and are known animal lovers (we had 3 dogs in our tiny house at one point haha), DH and I said "After quite a journey to get here, DH are excited to announce that we will be expanding our family by 4 legs in October. No we're not getting another dog.... We're pregnant - with TWINS!"
    TTC since March 2010

    Me: 26 DX anovulation and unexplained; DH: 27, perfect

    Clomid 3/10-7/10, 3/11-8/11: no ovulation

    Femara 9/11: no ovulation

    Moving on to Follistim shots 9/11

    Follistim+Ovidrel+Pregnyl+IUI 10/11

    2WW....testing on 10/29!...BFN

    11/11 Follistim+Ovidrel+Pregnyl+TI...BFN

    Moving on to IVF!...February 2012 cycle; ER: 2/17, ET: 2/22! BFP!!!! Beta #1 2/28 30, Beta #2 112 Beta #3 3/5 421, Beta #4 3/8 1515, 1st u/s 3/12...IT'S TWINS!!!!! EDD: 11/10/12!!!!


  • DH and I have odd, somewhat warped senses of humor. 

    We haven't shared our IF with many people IRL or on FB, and don't plan to. If we do a fb announcement, I want to take a pic of me with my head hanging in the toilet, with DH holding a sign that says "We're expecting! Baby (our last name) coming January 2013."

    (This isn't completely accurate. I only dry heave, but I do plenty of that, and sometimes over the toilet because I'm sure it's going to be the time I actually throw up.)

    I like the photo someone shared w/ the baby shoes. You could that, w/ the dogs' feet in it, too.

    Failed IUI May 2010. Successful IVF w/ DE May 2011, miscarriage July 2011. Failed IVF w/ DE FET Nov 2011. Failed IVF w/ DE Feb 2012. Successful IVF w/ DE Apr 2012, EDD Jan 9, 2013 DD born Dec 18, 2012
  • I posted a pic of our feet - DH, DD and I - along with 2 sets of baby booties (since it's twins).  We didn't announce until I was 20 weeks though.  I waited a long time to tell family and then we wanted to tell other close friends before announcing.  Then we had to go on our trip to Italy to get DD (she studied abroad this semester).   We took the photo while we were there. 

    [IMG]http://i55.tinypic.com/2d989rq.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i51.tinypic.com/pbz9d.gif[/IMG]

    [url=http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2906dc]My Chart[/url]

    Off BCP 05/09; TTC 07/09; 4 c/p's and 1 m/c

    DOR; MFI; hetero factor v leiden mutation

    1/10 - BFP - c/p 4w4d

    3/10 ~ BFP - 4/5/10 - u/s @ 7w6d - no hb; m/c 8w3d

    Tried many interventions:

    9/10 - unmedicated IUI (1.4 million post wash) = BFN

    10/10 - unmedicated IUI (4.5 million post wash) = BFP

    11/10 - c/p 4w4d

    12/10 injects+TI cycle (3 follies) = BFN

    2/11 - IVF #1 long lupron w/ ICSI; 1 embryo = BFN!

    7/11 - IVF #2 antagonist w/ICSI - 3dt of 3 grade A embies = BFP

    7/11 - c/p 4w5d

    10/11 - unmedicated IUI (2.5 mill post wash) = BFN

    11/11 - unmedicated IUI (12 million post wash) = BFP

    12/11 - c/p 4w2d

    12/11 - IUI #5 follistim (2.5 million post wash) = BFN

    1/15/11 - IUI #6 follistim (12 million post - woot!)= BFP!!! Praise the Lord!!!

    Beta #1 (12dpiui) 164; Beta #2 (14dpiui) 514!!!

    It's TWINS!!!!

    Two BOYS!!!!

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  • image kzawisl:
    Wille2b, I missed your TWIN announcement!!! Congrats! For my FV announcement, I posted a pic of me holding a onesie w/the caption "guess what?" and then after an hour and a half or so, posted another pic of me holding two onesies, caption "and there's a little more to the story".

    Love it.

    Posted an u/s pic and said "That blob is our daughter. One of two we can't wait to meet in August."  And in came the responses. =) 

    38. DH 40. TTC since 2005.
    Earlier m/c. DX (finally) 10/10: abnormal acrosome.
    ICSI #1 3dt 11/20/11 HPT BFP 11/30 Our beautiful daughters were born July 28, 2012.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic ** All welcome. **
  • image LauraBeth1401:

    I did my FB announcement yesterday.  Part of it was stolen from another IFer on this board so I can't take all the credit.  I'm sorry to whoever came up with the part I stole...

     "The two works I've said in my life that have been the most special are "I do"...until now.  After 2 years, many tears and countless prayers, I'm finally able to saw two more words that will undoubtedly change my life forever: "I'm pregnant."  DH and I will never forget the struggle we endured to get here nor will we forget the many couples that continue to struggle with infertility.  We are proof that God performs miracles every day an that He answers prayers.  Baby (our last name) is due December 27th."

    This is a tear-jerker.  I might steal it.  :)

    Baby Boy born sleeping at 20 weeks.
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