3 yr old B-day party in DFW - any suggestions? — The Bump
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3 yr old B-day party in DFW - any suggestions?

I need to start planning DD's 3-yr birthday.  Anyone have some suggestions on fun places in DFW to have a party?
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Re: 3 yr old B-day party in DFW - any suggestions?

  • I'm new to this, but we had DS's 2nd bday party at Gymboree on Saturday and it was great. 

    We just bought a groupon to Indoor Safari park and I noticed on their website they do birthday parties.

    If it's not for a couple of months, maybe look at petting zoo options. I was considering this at Silverado Ranch or Park Lane Ranch (or maybe they are one and the same) then decided it would be too hot. there is also Owens Spring Creek Farm in Richardson and the Gentle Zoo in Forney. 

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  • Sweet n Sassy if it's a girl, Jump Zone, Urban Air Trampoline park, Emler Swim does parties I hear, splash pads, My Gym or Little Gym or Gymboree, Chuck E Cheese
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  • LoCarbLoCarb
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    what part of DFW? I think I looked at every venue in L-ville, Flower Mound, Las Colinas and S. Lake. I'll mention those that have not been previously referenced. We had DD's party at 280parties.com-it was great you can choose the theme-it is pricey.  Going Bonkers was fun but extremely crowded on a wknd, I would suggest an early party time. Indoor Safari Park looks amazing, however, be warned the Owners are AWFUL!!!!  The owners are also the staff that runs the joint and no matter what time of day you will get poor service. This time of yr, a pool party with a toddler splash park will be fun.  Flower Mound CAC does an affordable party w/ hostess, room and all day swimming. I also looked at the Andy Brown Swim park in Coppell which also seemed nice. 
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  • DD's this year is at Pump it Up.
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