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Hi everyone.  I have been on the TTTC board since we started IF treatment, and honestly just realized this board exsisted.  I love the ladies over there, so i'll probably be on both.

I have DD that i had when i was 19, I'm 31 now.  My DH has a DS from his first marriage; his DS is 6.  DH and I got married Sept 2010 and started TTC March 2011.  After 1 year of nothing, we went to RE.  DH has good sperm, no issues there.  I was diagnosed with PCOS. 

I just had my second IUI this past weekend.  I had one follicle at 23 and one smaller one (17 or 18).  I'm currently on Progesterone supplements, will go back this Saturday for P4 bloodwork and 2nd HCG booster shot.  Beta test is scheduled for 7/10/12. 

I look forward to getting to know you all better!

4/12: HSG All Clear
5-1-12: DX of PCOS
5-4-12: DH S/A all normal.
5-16-12: Offically start IUI#1-->Clomid(50mg) + Trigger + IUI + progesterone supplements=BFN
IUI #2-same treatment-->BFN
July IUI#3-same treatment--->BFN
Aug 22, 2012-Laparoscopy Found/Removed extensive endometreosis.
September 2012-IUI #4-Same treatment as before. BFN
October 2012-forced break/Surgery to remove abnormal cells in left breast.
November 2012-First Injects Cycle (IUI #5)! 225IU Follistim CD 3-5, then monitoring appointment. 20+ follier & e2 >2000-Mild OHSS
December 2012-#2 Injects + IUI#6): Beta 1/18/13-BFN!
Jan 2013-Starting IVF!!! BC starts Jan 17/Lupron on Feb 13/Stims on Feb 18/ER on March 1 IVF Protocol: Lupron 10 units in am until stimms. Then 5 units of Lurpon in am, 150iu of Follistim and 1 unit of Menopur in pm. Holding dosage throughtout since response has been great. Thought we would be freeze all due to OHSS, but ended up getting more follicles then expected! 14 total!!! 12 mature and 11 fertilized. Dr calls for a 5 day transfer!! :) Will freeze remaining.
With Love & Strength, Hope Grows!
WHEN, not IF!!!

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  • Welcome to the board and good luck with your beta!
    IUI#1= DD born 1.5.2011
    IUI #4 BFP EDD 5.5.2012 m/c 10/1/2012
    Surprise! BFP 12/4/12 EDD 8/8/2012
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  • Welcome to the board! I hope your stay here is short.

    I have PCOS too. Just curious if you were diagnosed with insulin resistance as well. I was and was put on a low-glycemic diet and Metformin.

    Good luck with your beta!

    Dx: PCOS and short luteal phase
    18 cycles (3 with our RE) - Metformin + Clomid + HCG booster did the trick!
    BFP #1 6/22/09 EDD: 3/2/10 DS born: 3/8/10

    TTC #2 since Dec 2011
    BFP #2 7/8/12 EDD: 3/18/12 M/C @ 9w1d: 8/16/12

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  • Good Luck!


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    Pregnant with Letrazole (Femara) on the first cycle with DD after TTC 2+ years
    TTC#2 with Letrazole (Femara) since January 2012
    BFP 06.29.12 EDD 03.11.13 natural m/c 07.13.12
    BFP 09.22.12 EDD 05.31.13 natural m/c 10.07.12
    CP 11.09.12
    BFP 01.01.13 EDD 09.15.13 d&c 01.24.13

    BFP 03.26.13 EDD 12.04.13

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  • Hi and Welcome! I hope your IUI is successful!
    After many years and tears our baby boy is finally here
    Born 11-6-10

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  • Welcome!  I hope your stay is short!


    I too have PCOS (not insulin resistant), but put on Metformin. 


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