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second guessing my 1st u/s

We had our 1st u/s last week on what I figured was 5w3d.  We found out we're having twins (one measured 5w5d & they couldn't get a good measurement on the second) and we're scheduled for our 2nd u/s this Friday. 

During the u/s I asked my RE how everything looked and he said it looked good and there were 2 yolk sacs so we should see heartbeats on u/s #2.  The more I look at the first u/s pic, the more worried I get because it looks like 2 empty sacs with absolutly nothing in them. 

Is it possible that whatever he saw during the u/s just didn't show up in the picture?  I'm sure I'm just being crazy but I guess I'm starting to get anxious for Friday.

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Re: second guessing my 1st u/s

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    I agree with DC2London...you can't see much in the sac before 7 weeks. The baby is just too small. Hang in there...you should feel some relief when you see the heartbeats. Big Smile

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    I googled 6 week u/s pictures yesterday because even though this is my 3rd time - I don't remember what I will see, etc. when I go in.  The pictures were all like you described - just empty black sacs.  Google them - and try to not worry until you go in Friday and can see the growth and talk to your dr.
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