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Update...Good, Bad, and WTF

So, I've obtained an attorney. He took one look at the papers and said he's completely confused about what they want.

The WTF?! - He's suing himself for paternity, child support, and medical support then trying to get me to pay for it. Basically, he'd said "I don't think I'm the father of this child, so I'm going to prove I *am* the father. Then, once I prove it, I'm suing myself for child support. Oh, and my son's mom has to pay for it."

The Bad: The attorney firm he's engaged in is known for smear campaigns and drawing things out until someone just gives in. He's asking for possession during visitation. It can sometimes be hard to fight, that he's a newborn is going for me.

The Good: My attorney is big on court is the last resort. That no one wins but the lawyers. Texas prefers parents work it out. HIS attorney isn't. Meaning, I'm going into this with the child's best interest at heart. HE'S going into it with revenge. The judge should approve our motion for a family adjutant vs trial. Sort of like a family councilor who listens to us, and makes recommendations to the court based on who truly is working toward "a loving co-parenting environment". oh, and I should get my attorney fees back.

The side bonus: By filing this motion, SD no longer gets access. He's not the father, why does he need to see him? It will be Sept at the earliest before we're to that point, and LO won't know him. So... Possession will be unlikely.

Friday is just a day to schedule paternity testing and request the family council inch thingie. (I requested this when we broke up and he refused.)

Re: Update...Good, Bad, and WTF

  • My attorney has said NOT to until the paternity test comes back. I feel the same as you, you know that. But, apparently I'm too nice, and it'll work against me. IDK what to do, because he's got a point. He refused to sign the AOP, disputing paternity, so why does he want to see the child?  

  • I'm sorry he is a freaking dumba$$ to be honest with you. I'm glad there is some "good" in there!!

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  • WTF is right!! I'm in TX too and had a great attorney. Hope everything works out smoothly for you and your LO.
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