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My 2nd period after m/c (x-posted)

So, my first period after the m/c was totally normal, but my last period was way short. Possibly the shortest period of my life.  It only lasted 3 days. I've also always had fairly "clotty" periods, for all 25+ years I've had a period, but this one (the one I just had - my 2nd since the m/c) was not clotty at all. I know that having a m/c can make your cycles wacky, but should I be concerned at all that the first one was totally my norm, but this one wasn't (wasn't normal for me, I mean)?

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Re: My 2nd period after m/c (x-posted)

  • I cant speak from personal experience but I can speak from a good friend that had a friend go thru it and basically shared the whole experience with me ... her first was short and very messy ... as was the second one ... by the third they were kind of back to normal .. but everyone is different and yes like you said they can make things a little wacky :) hang in there .. i am sure they will even out soon :)
  • My second one has always been more out of whack than the first one, which is odd because the Dr. always makes a big deal out of preparing you for how bad the first one will be and it's always been the 2nd one that is a bit funky.  I think everyone is different, but it's definately not out of the norm.


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  • I always had 6-7 day long periods - I m/c in Feb. the 1st period lasted was med - light flow &  9 days it , my second period was heavier and ever since I have had 3 day periods, 2 days of flow (no Clots)and then very light brown spotting.  I am Worried too that this is not normal - as it has been several months since my m/c. I wonder why periods get shorter - and is that a problem TTC ?

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  • I'm sorry about your miscarriage.  :(  But to answer your question, no...after my miscarriage, I had weird cycles for 2-3 months afterwards.  It just takes your body a little time to get back in sync.  Because of that, the lining on your uterus might also be a little different in quantity each month (I would think).  I wouldn't worry at this point so soon after your miscarriage. 
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  • My 1st 2 periods post m/c were definitely not my norm, in my case much heavier.  I don't think it's unusual that your not completely back to your normal just yet.
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