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Simmonds, Martin, and Helmbrecht - First u/s?

Hi Ladies - I just scheduled my first appt for July 25th.  This is my first pregnancy so I was just curious for those of you that have used or are using Simmonds, Martin, and Helmbrecht in the past when do they do the first ultrasound?  Is it just the anatomy scan at 17-20 weeks, or do they do them more often?  

Re: Simmonds, Martin, and Helmbrecht - First u/s?

  • I just had my first baby with them! I have actually gone through some other Doctor offices in the area and had some horrible experiances and I was very very happy with these doctors when I switched to them. Depending what offices and hospital you go to (I delivered at Shady Grove) there were 6 doctors that you will see and could possibly deliver your baby at that hospital. 2 or 3 of them actually do the ultra sounds themselves. I was happy I didn't have to go to an ultrasound technician and then go see the doctor on another visit.... I just want to know and be told everything right away and you don't have to see one person have them tell you nothing and wait for a doctor to tell you the official reading and who wants to take the time for 2 visits anyways (this was the case at the other 2 offices I tried previously). They did do more than one ultrasound for me, because of some concerns they wanted to watch for, but generally I think they will take like a 10 week or first visit ultrasound and then the 17-20 week ultrasound and possibly a third or more after that if there's any concerns. I highly recommend them and while you can't possibly love every doctor there I did like the bedside manner of most of them and the office staff was great.
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