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Diet and supplements poll

An informal poll:

Are you on any special diet?

What supplements are you taking?


My response:

 On and off I have done a modified cleansing / gluten free diet, based somewhat on the IFC diet and my own interpretations of what I should be eating according to the principles of TCM.  I have not been 100% adherent, but I am planning to try again now that I know I had endometriosis, since inflammation is a big part of that process.  

I am taking L-methylfolate for MTHFR, also Vit B6, B12, Vit D, fish oil, Vit E, Coenzyme Q10.  I think I am going to start w/ melatonin and L-arginine.   Of course, I am also on baby aspirin.  

TTC #1 12/2009
BFP #1 1/2010, M/C 6 weeks
BFP #2 6/2010, DD lost to congenital heart disease, we are heartbroken.

TTC #2 4/2011, diagnosed MTHFR, FVL
Four natural cycles BFN; Clomid IUI BFN; Follistim IUI BFN;
1/2012 IVF #1 BFN
4/2012 FET BFP #3
5/2012 7w1d u/s: anembryonic demise; M/C @ 8w.
6/2012 found Stage II/III endo on laparoscopy, removed w/ laser.
8/2012 IVF #2 epic fail: no viable embryos.

Vacation, break, second opinions, on to new RE.
1/2013 Surprise chemical pregnancy BFP #4 (break cycle), IVF #3 postponed.
2/2013 TI w/ hormonal support, prednisone, aspirin, Lovenox, acupuncture gave us a miracle BFP #5!
Heartbeat on U/S at 6w1d! Baby,please stay!!
Our miracle baby boy arrived 10/2013!  We are so in love!!

10/2014 Surprise BFP #6
Our second daughter arrived in May 2015!  We are so grateful!  

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Re: Diet and supplements poll

  • yunk11yunk11
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    Are you on any special diet?

    -I try to eat "clean" but sometimes I stray from that. Basically, I try to only eat fresh foods (fruit, veggies, and meat).  

    What supplements are you taking?

    -I am on Metformin which isn't really a supplement but it's something I take daily to help with symptoms from PCOS. I also take a multi-vitamin (I just recently stopped taking a pre-natal). I would like to get a full blood work up done because I'm pretty sure something else is going on since I'm always EXTREMELY tired.  

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  • kofmkgkofmkg
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    No.pecial diet beyond just healthful eating (whole grains, complex carbs, lean meats, colorful veggies and fruits).

    I read IFC, but the dietary restrictions weren't something we could adjust to as a family.

    Supplements:  prenatals, b6, Co-Q-10, antioxidants, fish oil, and royal jelly.

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    Love, luck, and prayers to my BFPB Dr. SnowflakeBride

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  • No special diet but I do try and eat lots of lean protein and fruits/veggies.


    I've been taking Prenatals, Vitamin B12, B6, C, and E.

    After many years and tears our baby boy is finally here
    Born 11-6-10

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  • When I got pregnant I was in the middle of a month of strict diet control--no dairy, no alcohol, no caffeine, no refined sugars and no white flour. It was my fourth cycle of Femara and Metformin (with one month of a trigger shot to boot) and in all cases I had produced two good size follicles. I had also just had an HSG and that increases the chances of success of trying.

    I credit some of our success to the diet, actually, and some to the HSG.

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