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Would you/do you blow in baby's face?

Not all the time, but for a major meltdown when nothing else works?  I have done it a couple time with Ben when he just gets so hysterical he can barely catch his breath.  I blow gently in his face and he just goes into reflex mode where he holds his breath for a second.  It can be just enough to break him from the hysterics and back into the kind of cry or fuss I can calm him from.  

The thing is... I feel bad for doing it!  Should I?  There is nothing really harmful from it, right?  It is just triggering a natural reflex to help calm him back down.  Reassure me on this! 

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Re: Would you/do you blow in baby's face?

  • all the time-- iys the only thing that works!! Dont feel bad :) Theyre happier calm.
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  • Sophie sometimes gets so hysterical that she stops breathing. I rub her chest a bit, and if that doesn't work after a second, I'll blow on her cheek. It usually shocks her enough to take a breath again. So, if you're supposed to feel bad, then I'm supposed to feel bad. But I don't think we should.

    Man, I hate when they get hysterical like that. Sophie's been on the brink of hysterics for 2 days now. 

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  • I do it too, nothing to feel bad about. There is absolutely nothing harmful about blowing on a baby. You're tricking his body a little, but his body isn't doing him any favors if he's hysterical. Only good can come of it.

    I also know it is a common technique in baby swim classes, because it gets them to take a big breath before going into the water. 

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  • yep, when she has a major crying fit, I do it. She stops and looks at me like wtf mom? and then her major cry turns into a wimper/wine I can handle.

    I dont feel bad at all, it doesnt hurt her. I also stick her feet under running water, it has the same effect and she calms downor wipe her face with a wipe.

    you do what you gotta do to calm a meltdown, as long as you arent hurting the baby, and you arent.


  • I don't. I don't think there is anything mean about it, you mean well. I just do not like it because of germs, I guess. I don't want my two school aged kids to copy me if they were to see me do it.
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    Yes, definitely when needed. DS is known for screaming so hard that he holds his breath and starts turning purple. When I see that coming, a breath in his face works wonders. MIL actually taught me the trick - all of DH's siblings did the same thing. 
  • Have I mentioned how awesome you ladies are?  I love having a place where I can come with my new mom doubts and have a bunch of other moms make me feel a million times better.   I feel much better knowing that my instinct was right and you are right - calm (after blowing in his face) IS much better than him being in hysterics.  


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  • Yes, I do it all the time!  In fact, in the middle of an inconsolable fit, if I gently blow on his face, a smile will actually appear!  Then, he'll remember he was upset, and then the whiney cry begins ...
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  • I never have only because I didn't know about this! I may have to try it next time.
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    I never have only because I didn't know about this! I may have to try it next time.
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  • Don't feel bad!!! I do it too when ds has his rare temper tantrum cry!! Or even when he's drinking too fast and coughsi will blow in his face as well!!
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  • Yes! It's was the only thing that calmed Eli down enough to breath and accept a paci when he was fighting sleep.
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  • I never knew! I will have to try this...
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  • Geez, I never even heard of this!  I usually just sing to him and he stops.  I will have to keep this trick in my back pocket... I won't dare tell the hub because I am sure he would try it all the time! LOL
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