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Goals or intentions post-baby?

Just because there isn't anything good on TV while DD takes a nap, I was bored so thought I'd ask you ladies...

What are some goals/ intentions for yourself after the first year after baby arrives?  This can be baby related (be a SAHM, take a baby and me yoga class, etc) or non-baby related for just yourself.

Mine would include:

get into a rhythm of being a SAHM of 2 after being a working mom with my first DD, and getting DD1 used to being home with me after being at daycare (tho she will still go to school 2x week for the social benefit)

run another marathon, or at least a half, and do Tough Mudder with my friend again

learn more about photography and cooking

move to Cleveland suburbs and get family settled in at beginning of yr as DH just got a new job (if anybody knows the area I'd love advice on which suburbs to look at)

and enjoy being a mommy of 2 girls :)

How about you ladies?


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Re: Goals or intentions post-baby?

  • Be able to EBF this baby. Nursing was just a disaster the first time and I was so stressed out and clueless. I'm trying to figure out some strategy for success this time around.

    Get down to what I weighed before my first pregnancy and strengthen my back and my core. I didn't really have a plan after DD was born and I got pregnant again before I was anywhere close to my pre-pregnancy weight or fitness goals. I really miss running and feeling like I'm in decent shape.

    Pick up a copy of The Bread Baker's Apprentice and bake my way through it.

    (I love the fact that a weight-loss goal is directly followed by a bread-baking goal -- so like me)

    Do some research on political theory in hopes of cementing what my opinions are and why -- I get incredibly frustrated when I can't explain why I think what I think, or when things don't make sense, I'm looking to change that.

    Short-term goal: Get a massage after this baby comes! I've been daydreaming about a massage for months now, and I don't want a prenatal massage, I want a full body, lying on my stomach, falling asleep on the table massage with hot stones and aromatherapy and bamboo and someone walking on my spine and me forgetting my own name because it feels so good. Um...yeah.



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  • Honestly? Just survive having a newborn and a crazy toddler when DH is in law school full-time, essentially has no free time/is totally useless. 


    On specifically baby related note, I want to EBF again. I was so proud that I nursed DS until he self-weaned at 10 or 11 months. I'd like to make it to a year this time. 

    I'm sure this is not a unique goal, but I would definitely like to lose 100% of the baby weight within a year. I never lost all of it (close, but still) after DS. 

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  • - Go back to work after being a SAHM for the last year.

    - Get into a good workout routine - either at the gym or at home.

    - Find my social life again! 

    - Enjoy our completed family of 4!




  • i'm honestly scared to have a lot of goals post-baby that aren't already "set." i have no idea how i'm going to handle being a FTM and a SAHM all at once. 


    -- we are going to move into our new house in the near future, hopefully post-birth, and i'm hoping that i can get our house unpacked and ready to go.

    -- have our first family vacation with DH's family to the Wisconsin Dells over Christmas with a small child (5 months, max). 

    -- get into a routine that is not overly complicated but is solid enough to make things simple for DH, for LO, and for me.  

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  • I want to lose all of my baby weight including those few stubborn lbs that i didnt drop after DS1. (This seems to be the universal mom goal) I would really like to lose the weight by the holidays, but that might be pushing it.

    I really want for DH and I to buy a home this next year.

     I have been reading up on infant potty training, and since DS is at that potty training age, I want to train both of them at the same time.

    My last goal is to cook healthier meals for my family. We dont eat terribly now, but I feel like we are somewhere in the middle of eating junk and being healthy. 

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  • - find a job with less of a commute or a job in Richmond and live closer to SO, he is starting his own buisness and living down there would be ideal.


    -  get down to 140lbs


    - help by daughter with her school work much more then I did this year and make it through her sports and dancing


    - continue to work on my credit  

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  • Get back into running and heavy lifting.  I would love to be able to get back into things 6-8 weeks PP. I've already started looking into calorie counts and nutrition, since I was heavy into all of that pre-pg. I don't know when exactly I'll be able to start back ,though, since I'm having a c/s.

    I also intend to BF for at least a year. I went to 23 months with DD2, so I'm not sure how far past a year we will go. We may end up going until close to 2 years again.

    Return to a normal routine with my girls. DD2 starts montessori at DD1's school in the fall, and it will be sad to have both DD1 and DD2 in school.

    Continue working on completing my credits for nursing school. I have to get back into it in January since my anatomy credits will expire in 2014. 


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  • I am not worried about losing weight as much as I am maintaining a healthy life. I have already signed up for a half marathon in March so I will have 6 months to get back in running shape. 

    I want to maintain a healthy relationship with DH.

    I just want to be a good mom. My goal is to get a better handle on my work life balance so I get to spend some quality time with the LO. 

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  • -I plan to finish my psyc degree and decide on my masters

    -I would like to decorate my house.  We just moved in this past February and the walls are bare.  I have to get some taste first though.  DH and I have similar ideas of what we want but I want to make sure everything we do in decorating our home fits us and is right.

    -I would like to make running something I do at least 3 times a week.  I was really fit in the Army and I just want to be healthy to take care of my babies.  


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  • - i'd really like to EBF.

    - lose all the baby weight + hopefully some additional lbs. i was much heavier than i wanted to be when i got pregnant, and i'd like to get back to a healthy weight for myself

    - related to the above, try to really eat healthy, despite being exhausted as a FTM

    - not go crazy on my partner! i hope we can tolerate each other under the stress of a new baby and work well as a team.

    - avoid feeling guilty for taking time off from school and just focus on our LO 

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  • -take time for myself. I didn't do it enough when DS was born and I probably don't do it enough now. 

    -Baby weight and getting that off as soon as possible. I will start exercising as soon as I can and will possibly return to WW, as I am a  lifetime member. Last time, bc I nursed I waited to get the food part going, not that we ate badly I just didn't keep track like i probably could of since I was adjusting to life as a mom.

    -I hope to make the transition from 1 to 2 kiddos easily. I was the one worried about having 2 kids close in age. DH was ready to have a 2nd waaaaaay before me. I thought it would take away from DS and I couldn't imagine doing that. Once I was ready, I was ready and sooooo happy because I get now that it will only be more love and more special time with both kids. 

    - I hope to EBF this LO for a year, like I did with DS. When I had DS, I was very relaxed, but informed about BF. My first goal was 2 weeks to get over the pain, then 3 months which was when I went back to work, then 6 months. At that point I knew I could go a year.

    -Balance teaching with time at home. Learn to prioritize Things That Need To Get Done VS Things I Would Like To Get Done. I'm bad at that. I had a new position at a new school this year and I'm hoping that things won't be so intense going back in December. I would love to be one of those teachers who may work through lunch and eat at her desk, but doesn't bring anything (or not hours of grading/paperwork ) home! 

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  • For me it's mostly about becoming more efficient with my time, so this includes: 

    -maintaining a good yoga schedule (I'm good now, but I'm afraid of it going out the window once LO is here)

    -planning and making food ahead--things to freeze, making bread, etc

    -getting into a consistent writing schedule--I have a blog and do work for a family non-profit, but I have just been so inconsistent with keeping these up lately

    I'm hoping that mommy efficiency gene will kick in despite being a harried FTM. I generally tend to be more efficient if I'm busy anyway, so hopefully I can just establish a good schedule. 

  • In the year following LO's birth my goals are to:

    -lose the baby weight and get into a healthy routine;

    -successfully manage an international move to a new location (UK to new area in the USA);

    -Successfully manage our finances on one salary;


    -Donate breastmilk to the NUCI in our local hosptial; 

    -Have a solid relationship with DH that includes time for us as a couple;

    -Towards the end of that year, get pregnant again.  We want at least two kids and know that I have low egg quantity.  

  • Hopefully avoid PPD this time around. 

    Be able to bf (and pump) for an extended period of time. 

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  • MeNVMeNV member

    I really hope to learn how to transition from being a working mom to a SAH. I'm both incredibly excited and terrified by this. I'm especially nervous for those winter months when we're all stuck indoors. 

    I want to BF this one  like my first and I hope the experience is less stressful. I pumped three times a day in a tiny closet at work until he was just over a year and was always worried about my supply. I was counting oz like a mad woman and would sometimes get up between his night feedings just to get another pump session in. I can't even imagine breastfeeding without that part.

    I plan to pick up running again and get a few races in this year. My doctor took away running about a month ago and I've missed it so much. I also plan to get over my fear of leaving my babes with the gym daycare and take advantage of that a couple of days a week.

    Is it vain to put that I really want to revamp my closet? We started trying again right after my last little one was born because I knew it would take a while. I totally lost my desire to shop for myself while ttc and being pregnant. Those years I was always thinking how much of a waste it would be if I just got pregnant. I can't wait to do a little fall/winter shopping.


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  • After weeks of talking and debating we've decided that I'll get a tubal after DC3 is born, so I am really concerned with getting back into shape. Not just to look good, but just to physically be healthy and strong. I know my abs are shot right now, having been pregnant 3 times in 5 years. My back is weak, my arms are weak. I really want to fix that.

    My biggest priority though is going back to school. I finished a semester in April and I am taking off until January. I am waiting to start my ADN program in the next year but I really need to finish off some pre reqs first.

    I  want to get back into running and do both a Tough Mudder and a Warrior Dash.

    Once I can work FT again, DH and I are planning on buying a second home that we'll use, but also rent out as a cottage during the summer for extra income. So in the next year I anticipate buying and remodeling a lake house.


    That's all I got but I think it's enough =) I don't really have any goals/intentions specifically related to having a baby..every child is different and I have no expectations about how things should go afterwards. Just looking forward to being done with pregnancy and moving on with life I suppose.

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  • klgrh6klgrh6 member

    -Balance being a FTM, running a household, and working

    -This year before finding out we're expecting, I had the goal of getting in shape. Pre-pregnant I was about 40lbs higher than I wanted to be and was planning to start zumba, biggest loser groups, etc. I got many things for Christmas to help with this goal but two weeks later found out about LO. So my main goal is to lose all the baby weight plus some. Goal is 9 months to put it on, 9 months to take it off. I'm hoping sooner than that.

    -Enjoy having sex with my husband. I know it won't happen to often or right away. But we've been on pelvic rest since 12 weeks. I miss the intimacy.

    - Go back to school. I'm 5 course credits away from my undergrad degree. I was supposed to go back this August but LO surprised us so the plan is next year.

    -Hoping next summer we will purchase our first home.

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  • - breast feed for at least 1 year.

    - find a balance between teaching and being a mom. I really need to learn to let things go and realize I can't do everything.

     -  adjust to being a mom and a wife. I need to make sure I take time to maintain relationship with dh.  It will be too easy to fous on our little guy.

     - lose the baby weight plus 10 pounds by the holidays hopefully and maintain my gym routine.

    - enjoy every moment because I know little one is going to grow fast. 

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  • - Start working out everyday so I can look like I did before baby.

    - EBF and stick with it for atleast a year!

    - Get my Ultrasound Tech done for school so I can get a better job! :)

    - Get married!

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