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**mandi** & **mccombies**

not even sure I have your names right, but i had to tell you both something...

Mandi...i want to thank you for the hours of blog reading i have done.  your writing is like a book for me.  every day is different and i keep going backwards in my reading.  my question so far is.....what camera do you have?  and my comment is that your kids are adorable....and funny!

 McCombies...i have to thank you (secretly hate you)  J/K for introducing me to pinterest.  i have only lost about three days total of time searching through all that place has to offer.  i have tried the peanut butter cupcakes you posted here on the TB.   i have endless decorating ideas and soooo many projects i have to accomlish     

thanks ladies for the summer entertainment....thats all! 


Re: **mandi** & **mccombies**

  • Haha, I know. I definitely have love/hate feelings about Pinterest - glad you're liking it!
    Not in TX any more! - Central PA
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