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XP (OP in New to the Bump)

I ovulated one day last week and my DH and I DTD every day.  (he has high sperm count)  I don't chart as of now (won't until we've been trying at least 3 cycles) but anyway, ovulated one day last week (27 day cycles, but different "charts" tell me different stuff") so I could have ovulated either Friday or Tuesday.  Anyway - I have been super cranky the past two days, had minor cramping (AF isn't due for AT LEAST a week) have been dry heading today, and have lower back pains.  Took a cheap-o (don't test until after you have a missed period) HPT and it was BFN, BUT it wasn't FMU and I haven't missed my period yet.  I am going to get more early tests this evening when DH and I go out to dinner and test in the morning.  I am hoping for a BFP, but what do you guys think?  Do you think I'm having phantom symptoms or have any of you ever gotten a BFP and had similar symptoms?

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