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2WW making me crazy

Hello all you wonderful ladies,

I'm usually a lurker and have been away for a while (took a charting break). Now I'm back and in the 2WW (with my first solid crosshairs from FF in months). All I want to do is POAS. I'm only 5dpo. If I get a BFP my due date will be right at DS birthday. We are on vacation starting the 2nd (the day AF is due), so I'll either be tolerating my MIL while having AF or while secretly being pg.

Thank you for listening to my crazy rant. :) 

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Re: 2WW making me crazy

  • I hear ya- 4/5 DPO here as well :) GL!
  • Oy vey-- the 5 day mark is tough: you're no longer excited about having ovulated but not yet at the point where you can even unreasonably expect to have a meaningful HPT.

    Hang in there! FX that you get a BFP as a reward for hosting your MIL!


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  • I hope you will be secretly pregnant :-) I am 8 DPO and I have POAS twice (starting at 7 DPO). Yeah maybe that's crazy but I bought enough IC's that I'm fine indulging my curiousity in the morning and then getting on with my day.
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  • It's making me Crazy to - AF wasn't suppose to be here till Sat and today when i wipe i see a hint of brownish... Now AF are you going Earlier or is it implantion.... I did feel good about this month - but over the 2ww I lost that good feeling, bb's have hurt since "O" ... I'm sure it's all in my head.  I'll I have to Say is Damm AF if that's you come on... I want to have a Stiff drink, it's been a long couple weeks!
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