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New plan ... hopefully

I met with a new endocrinologist today.  He seemed very interested in helping me with my thyroid and TTC.  My March tests had a 3.5 TSH level and my old doctor said that was fine.  My RE didn't want to challenge her.  This new doctor said that he wanted to see it below 2 for the best conditions for conception.  He also said that giving me Metformin may not have been a good idea.  (I stopped taking it when my old doctor wouldn't give me a really good reason and it really had awful side effects.) 

I am currently taking Femara for this cycle and his results or changes won't impact this cycle.  So, I'm hoping the vials of blood I'll be giving for his tests tomorrow won't be needed.  But if not, then I'll be glad I got the ball rolling on our new plan.

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Re: New plan ... hopefully

  • It is refreshing to have a doctor who gives you hope, isn't it?  I am glad your new endo has a plan!
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  • I'm glad you've got your next steps mapped out. Hopefully you won't need it.  GL!
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  • It's amazing how many doctors out there have old/unsupported information...

    I'm glad you seem to have found a doctor who is respectful of your previous treatment plan but wants to move in a different direction.

    I'm hoping this is a change that results in a baby!


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  • A new plan always make you feel better.

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  • Good luck!  I hope this change does the trick for you!
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  • Yay for a new plan!  Good luck!
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  • Glad you got a new plan, just in case. Good luck.
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  • Wishing you luck with the new plan! I have my FX for you!

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  • GL with the new plan!

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