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s/o...anyone still deciding between BF and FF?

I still can't decide if I should FF or BF this baby [not surprisingly since we JUST picked names]. I FF DD1 from day 1 and it was a fairly pleasant situation. I BF DD2 for just under a month and it was hell..especially trying to juggle a 2 year old at the same time. I'll have to juggle a 4yr old and a 2yr old AND work full time and go to school part time if I choose to BF this baby. It seems so much easier to FF but I know BF is better. Ugh!

anyone else still having trouble deciding which to do?

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Re: s/o...anyone still deciding between BF and FF?

  • its really your personal choice. i can be difficult to BF but the way i look at it is any amount of BF is better then none.
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  • I go back and forth, I think alot of it will depend if I can BF or not. DS was born at 35 weeks and was in the NICU for 10 days on a feeding tube the first half of the time and then on a bottle in the NICU so when it came to BFing he wouldnt latch on. I pumped until I went back to work, but once I got back to work it felt like I was spending 50% of my time in the pumping room and not even getting that much milk so was supplementing w. formula anway.  So yeah I think im gonna try, but not be upset if it doesnt work out

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  • If BFing is important to you, than do as much as you can. You can always BF at night at FF during the day, or BF as much as you are able and FF in the meantime. 

    Ideally, I will BF as much as possible, but I also know that when you're working, it's isn't always possible, so I have already accepted that DS will be FF from time to time. 

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  • kjskjskjskjs member
    I'm going to BF but I know that if working full time starts to get too hard to pump at work that FF will have to be the option. Just go with what seems best and you can always change your mind in the case that you try BF but turns out it will be better for you to FF.
  • You are not alone! I am a FTM, and I have heard just about every BF horror story.  I think that is what has tainted my decision of whether or not I want to BF my child.  My mother was unable to BF with us because she did not produce enough milk.  I truly hope this is not the same for me as I would like the option.  I think I will try to BF, and if it is not working for myself and/or baby, then I will FF.  I just feel selfish not trying.
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  • klgrh6klgrh6 member

    I plan to FF, I tried being open minded to the idea of BF but for me I think FF will work best for my family. I've really struggled with deciding because I've gotten alot of pressure from family especially MIL about the joys and benefits of BF. The response I get from them comes across as let down even though they say it's my choice and will support whatever. I continue to tell her I'm open to it mainly so she'll shut up about it. But I've made my decision.

    You need to do what's best for you and your family. As long as LO is getting fed does it really matter how.

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  • I'm breastfeeding. But if I just cannot physically do it, I'll switch to formula with a quickness.
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