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Funny story!!

I have a cousin who will be 7 in August and is very excited that I am having a little boy since he is the youngest one currently on that side.  His mom, my aunt, got re-married this weekend to her childhood sweetheart.  During the reception I had my other cousins daughter who is from my dad's side, long story as to why she was there, but she is a runner and took off from my grandparents so I went and snatched her up as my 7 year old cousin came through the doors.  He looks at me and with the biggest eyes and says "Is that your baby?!?"  I couldn't resist the urge to say "yes, yes it is" (my family is super sarcastic) to which he responded with "Hi baby!"  Of course I told him that I was still pregnant and he wouldn't be meeting the baby probably until Thanksgiving since they live so far away, but it made me laugh and I am super excited that he is looking forward to having another playmate, at least once LO gets older.
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