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Canceling A Visit Protocol

Ok, it's not a situation I've never been in before. With DD, she texts my ex and says she's not up to seeing him, and they reschedule. DS seems to be feeling a bit under the weather. Is it ok to cancel a visit? Or, should I let him come over? 

Re: Canceling A Visit Protocol

  • He's super cranky. Will only let me hold him. I guess I can email him and tell him that.
  • Lol, that would imply he slows down growth once in a while. His new nick name is Henry Hungry Hippo. He eats ALL the time!
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  • I am very confused by you. You complain the dads want nothing to do with your children. Now it seems you want to make it difficult for them to be. Let him come and experience a difficult baby. How do you expect him to get to know your baby, if he can't sooth him while cranky. He also has the right to parent.
  • It's the in and out that pisses me off. The wondering if he's going to ask or not. The wondering if he'll show up.  Either be a part of his life, or walk away. So, yes, I complain about his desire to be a parent of convenience. But, no, I don't make it difficult. All I asked is if it was ok to cancel and reschedule. Hey, DS is sick today, can we reschedule for tomorrow or the next day? How is that making it hard?

    Legally, he has no rights. He's not on the BC. I also mentioned DS won't let anyone but me hold him right now, including ppl he sees every day. I refuse to sit there and listen to him cry whilst SD and his Pro-CIO mom try to figure out how to calm him. The man has never changed a diaper and thinks bad things only happen to bad parents. So, I'm nervous, wouldn't you be? 

    As far as DDs father, I don't have anything to do with that relationship. "Hey, Mom, Dad wants to know if I'm free this weekend." That's the extent of my involvement. 

  • I would tell him that he is under the weather and give him the option. If he does come over to visit he will see a cranky baby and will hopefully appreciate what you?re doing even more, or most probably leave pretty quickly.

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  • I don't have an issue giving him a choice. That seems a good idea.
  • I text or call my ex when DS is sick. He never wants him if DS isn't 100% happy, which only happens once in a blue moon.
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  • How old is your DS that they are texting? IMO if they are old enough to text and make their own plans, I don't see how you have control over the situation either way.

    Are you asking if you should kick DS's butt off the couch and make her follow through? Or more about the rescheduling part?

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