TTC after 35

It finally happened, took 160 days but AF is here!!! lol

Wow, never so happy to see pink this morning! so all those hormone pills worked I guess. Now to see if my body will ovulate is the next task....

Anyone have any preference on ovulation kits?  


So excited today!! lol




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Re: It finally happened, took 160 days but AF is here!!! lol

  • Great news!  I liked the smiley face OPKs because there is no guessing.
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  • WAHOOOOO!!!!!

    Or, as they say in Louisiana (according to my coonass friends down there): aye-EEEEEEEEE!!!!


    Maybe today is a good day for all of us! And I hope it's a week of fantastic news for a ton of us...


    As for OPKs, CBE digitals are nice, but $$$. I finally just ordered a bunch of Wondfos online and use those. It's so individual, though-- OPKs NEVER worked for my sister for both of her children. I've never had a problem with the Wondfos though...


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  • I use First Response Original OPK's.  I didnt like the yes/no version because I like to see the fade in pattern.
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  • Great news. Send you some ovulation vibes. 

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  • I think the last time I congratulated someone on getting her period, I was in high school. Nonetheless, congratulations!!

    I'm not using OPK's yet, so I don't have a suggestion, sorry!

    Such great news all around today, it makes me wish my 2ww was over!

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  • I tried the First Response (non digital) kind earlier on.  I couldn't get a clear answer and still was never 100% sure when I ovulated.  I found them really frustrating and expensive.  I opted to temp only, but most recently this month tried a few days tracking CM. 

    My temping was very easy and my charts became quite predictable so I was able to make pretty good guesses of our window of opportunity.

     Nevertheless, congrats on your AF.  I hope this is the start of good things for you.


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  • I Ordered From Amazon the Wondfos, they are cheap - if it looks like a double line when testing I then use the :) smiley face ones to make sure!   Cause the :) ones are just two expensive to use alone.  Good Luck!!!
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  • Congrats! You should be excited. 

    Re: OPKs, because of your long cycles I would get some Wondfos and a box of CBE digitals (smileys). I'd test mainly with the Wondfos and confirm with the CBE digitals. Hopefully you won't have to wait another 160 for AF (unless there's a good reason) Wink but for the sake of your sanity you would not want to miss your surge.

    Are you temping with a BBT, as well? 

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  • Thanks ladies! I haven't been temping because NOTHING had been happening, I need to start tomorrow morning.

    I have a 20% off coupon for cvs so I am glad you guys gave some suggestions so I can go shopping!


    Hmmm, looking at the calendar it would be super awesome to get a positive pregnancy test just in time for my 39th birthday!!! lol  ok jumping ahead of myself here, gotta ovulate first!


    Me:39 DH:35, trying for our first baby! Proud mom to 3 boys, 18,13, and 8 yrs old image
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