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Just curious if anyone out there has birthed at Morning Star Birth Center in St. Louis Park or  Health Foundations Birth Center in St. Paul? If so, what was your experience like?

I am looking for a midwife and although I wouldn't mind birthing in a hospital, I had that experience with my son and would be interested in trying a free standing birth center.  

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Re: Freestanding Birth Centers

  • I did a tour of Morning Star Birth Center in SLP and ultimately decided it was not the place for me and ended up delivering with the midwives at Methodist and had a fabulous experience.  I highly recommend them!!

    I had a very uncomplicated pregnancy with 1 minor hiccup, an unexplained bleeding episode at 17 weeks.  Looking back I don't know how they would have handled that easily since it happened in the middle of the night on a weekend and the doctor they have a relationship with is in Wisconsin.

    I also had to be induced since my water had broken 36 hours prior and I still hadn't had a single contraction.  They aren't prepared for those type of situation and once again you would have to travel to Wisconsin for such a situation. 

    Edit: Congrats!




  • I had my first baby at Health Foundations in St. Paul in April.  I would absolutely recommend Health Foundations, and really liked everyone there.  It is very professional, they are very competent, and you don't have to deal with the impersonal approach of the larger medical settings.   They are working on getting in-network with major insurance providers, and the list is growing longer all of the time. Now that we are taking the baby to the pediatrician, we really wish there were a pediatrician at Health Foundations.  

    The midwives and the staff all know us by name, and are super friendly.  We had an uneventful birth at the birth center, where we felt comfortable and well taken care of.  My husband and I were a little skeptical of the non-traditional setting at first, but their Thursday night tour convinced us to give it a try and we never looked back.  They have three midwives, and we mostly saw Caitlin, who also attended the birth.  My husband and I couldn't have asked for anyone better.   

     I can't praise them enough!   

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