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Diaper Duty

I know it is kind of sad but is anyone else worried about gagging during a diaper change.

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Re: Diaper Duty

  • kjskjskjskjs member
    I don't worry about it but I do expect it to happen. I gag really easy and I've changed diapers before but I also know that I can make it through them :)
  • UnemUnem member
    Not really.  Baby poop has never bothered me.  I've changed plenty of diapers and I've never come close to gagging.

    Emilia Antoinette
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  • I pick up my dog's poop every day, and we've even had to pull it out if he's eaten something odd (what up, TMI Tuesday?!). I don't expect to gag and luckily MH, with this same dog poo experience should also be ok. I think imperviousness to gross is one of those traits that kicks in once you're a mom, though--moms in general seem fine with picking up all manner of nastiness! I'm sure you'll be fine.
  • I was worried about it with my first, but it`s amazing how your own kids poop doesn`t really bother you.  DH, is another story...he definetly gagged a few times!
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  • I usually don't have a weak stomach but within the last few years everything makes me gag...
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  • No, dealing with our dogs' poop and diarrhea explosions has prepared us pretty well, hopefully.
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  • Changing other babies' diapers has always been way more disgusting to me than changing DS's. 
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  • I was worried about that before I had my first daughter. I've never been able to stand gross stuff very well. But, it was fine. Maybe because she's my daughter it made it easier to tolerate... I don't know. I'm not really worried about it this time around. Besides, those diapers won't change themselves.
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  • BodoniBodoni member
    I am more freaked out about puke... Not so much the infant kind, but the solid food nasty kidlet kind.  
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  • I've gagged a couple of times with ds, but you get through it. You're the mommy and will get through. 
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