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Did we talk about Father's Day???

Maybe I missed the post. How was it? Any funny stories?

DS played hard with the neighbor boys and DH, then we went out to dinner.

At 6:30


At 7, I had to cut DH's steak for him


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Re: Did we talk about Father's Day???

  • miss50miss50 member

    too precious!  priceless pictures!

     watched sports all day!  he got his wish! 


  • That's so cute!

    I tried to let DH sleep in, but he wouldn't. I jumped up and got the baby the second she started fussing, but he only last about 5 minutes in bed before joining us in the kitchen. He stinks at being pampered :)

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  • How cute!

    We had both our families over for a BBQ & had a really nice time.

    MH loved his photobook I made him of pics of DS, MH & his family over the past year.

    I was a bad mama though & didn't take any pics!

    I was so exhausted by the end of the day b/w cleaning, cooking & running around so much. I sat on the couch for like 45 min w/o budging! Then I started to miss my own dad. It was a bittersweet day :/

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  • We went out to breakfast at his favorite spot. It was so busy, it became brunch. Then ds and I took a nap, while the hubby went to see Prometheus. Then we went to the beach to play in the water. I wish I'd brought the camera. Dh and ds were so cute together. Finished up with dinner at a new place he wanted to try but seemed to be a great day. 
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  • DH's brother was in town so I took the both of them out to breakfast and DH and I asked BIL to be the baby's Godfather.  It was an awesome moment for the two of them, it warmed my heart.
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