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Road trip at 37 weeks?

Sorry I am mainly a lurker and I feel like these type of questions get asked all the time, but when I am 37 weeks pregnant my brother wants me to drive 6 hours to where he lives because he is planning on proposing to his gf and is going to have a surprise engagement party for her after with all of our family.  What would you do? 

Re: Road trip at 37 weeks?

  • If it were at 35-36 weeks, then maybe.  But at 37 weeks, 6 hours is far too long of a commute IMO.  Tell your brother you're happy for him, but you'll be staying home waiting for your LO to arrive Yes

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  • I wouldn't go.  My doctor doesn't want me to travel more than an hour away after 36 weeks and plus, I'm already so big and uncomfortable as it is, there is no way I would do a 6 hour car trip at 37 weeks. 

    If you're comfortable enough to do it, then talk to your doctor about it and check with your insurance to see if the hospital in the city you're going to is in your network, just in case you do go into labor and have to have the baby there.

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  • Thanks.  I was leaning towards not going but I just wanted some reassurance so I don't feel guilty about it haha.
  • No.  My OB didn't want me more than an hour away at 36+ weeks.  Plus, you'll likely not be very comfortable at that point.  No
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  • I think 37 weeks is really far along - you could go into labour any day.  Also, 6 hours in the car is really long.  I wouldn't do that long a trip at that point in my pregnancy.

    I would send some money to another family member and ask them pick up a bottle of champagne or something to give to them with a note from you wishing them good luck and congratulations.

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  • imagemrsmozak:
    Thanks.  I was leaning towards not going but I just wanted some reassurance so I don't feel guilty about it haha.


    I wouldn't feel in the least bit guilty- I'd hope your brother would be more than understanding.  1-that is an incredibly long car ride, it would take you twice as long because you'll need to stop often to get up and move around.  And 2-what if by chance you went into labor? You may be out of your insurances network and I doubt with a 6 (plus more) hour trip you'd make it back to your own hospital (at least not without wanting to kill the driver). Stay home, don't feel guilty.  

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  • does he live near hospitals that accept your insurance? cuz 6 hours is a long way from home 
  • For me, since I'm in Canada and would have no issues, in terms of insurance, delivering at any hospital, I would probably make the trip. 6 hours is a long drive, but not unbearable. I felt great at 37 weeks and wouldn't have had any problem making the trip. Of course there's always a chance you could go into labour, so I'd just bring a hospital bag and car seat and not worry about the rest. My doctor had no issues with me heading up to our cottage as long as getting to a hospital was a real possibility (as in, not needing to fly into a hospital).

    Honestly, even now at 39 weeks I'd still consider it! BUT, that's only because I don't have to worry about anything like insurance coverage or networks or anything. For us, we firmly stick to the fact that you can have a baby anywhere, so we don't let my pregnancy hold us back from anything.

    If insurance coverage is an issue, then I'd probably stay home and try to send flowers and have a family member bring a gift for me.

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  • Nope, don't risk it.

  • I wouldn't go, but maybe you can make a cute video with you and your husband (or whomever) congratulating the happy couple and send them that the day of. Or Skype or FaceTime in so you can sort of be there!
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  • The person who can give the best advice is your dr!  

     I had a baby shower at 36 weeks that was 2.5 hours away, she told me at my appointment she was fine if I went but she sent all my medical records with me and made sure I knew where the local hospital was!  We just went for the evening so there wasn't an overnight involved.  

    Dr's can probably give the best advice (mine did an internal exam and confirmed she didn't think I was anywhere close to having my baby).

    Good luck with your decision!  I'm sure its a hard one to make! 

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  • I'd have to decline. Not only was I very uncomfortable at 37 weeks, but I have seen several Moms on my birth month board go into labor around 37 weeks. I wouldn't feel comfortable that far away from my hospital so close to the end.
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  • I don't think it's a big deal to  travel that far from home at 37 weeks.  Sure, you could go into labor, but probably not.  We'll be spending week 38 three hours away, and my OB had no issue with it.

    However, if you don't want to do a 6 hour car ride, you definitely have every right to use it as an excuse to not go.  Six hour car rides suck even when you aren't uncomfortable! 

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  • No way.
    Then again, I was home with a baby at 37 weeks, so take my response with a grain of salt ;)

    I was a FTM, no contractions, had been to the OB 3 days earlier and wasn't dilated at all, water broke at 6am and I had a baby in my arms 8 hours later, so being 6 hours away would have been an issue...



  • Most Dr won't let you travel that far. You could go any time. Maybe you'll be a lucky one with a 4 hr labor. The last place you want to be when you are laboring is a car!
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  • Kasi80Kasi80 member
    At about 36-37 weeks I plan to stay local and not travel very far.  I wouldn't travel 6 hours for sure.

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  • I had a hard time when I was 37 wks and my brother got married.  It was a huge deal that he was getting married and we are all very happy about it, but it's not worth the risk being away from my own doctor, my own plans, my own hospital.  Don't feel guilty about it.  It took me a while to come to terms with the understanding that he needs to live his life on his schedule and me on mine and sometimes those don't match up.  We'll celebrate the wedding when they come to visit after DD is born--and we're all happy with that solution.  GL!
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