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Feeling off...

 I already am planning on calling the nurses line, but they don't open up till 8:30am.

Here's whats going on. 2 weeks ago, I passed out, twice. Went to the ER, and everything came back normal.  However, since then, there hasbeen a hand full of times where I feel like  I'm going to pass out again. It happened yesterday at church, and I got up and went to stand outside, where it was cooler. Our church doesnt have AC. Since around 10am yesterday I haven't been feeling myself.. completely lethargic and like I could fall asleep any second. Plus, I went to bed at 8pm. Also, I just feel like I can't focus, like I'm in a daze if that makes sense. I'm at work, and technically should be here today, as I'm training someone in, but I just can't concentrate when I'm feeling "off."

Can anyone relate, or give me some advice? TIA.


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Re: Feeling off...

  • I'm not a medical professional, but it sounds like it could be blood pressure related. Have you had BP issues in the past? 
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  • That happened to me and I went into the doctor and it was blood sugar.....the doctor said I need to eat more often because my blood sugar was a little low.  She initially thought it was blood pressure, but she took my blood pressure at the beginning of my appointment and then later in the appointment when I started not feeling well and the number hadn't changed (it was normal both times).  I would def call the doctor...they may want you to come in.
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  • That sounds scary!

    My girlfriend had a fainting problem when she was pregnant--they finally diagnosed her 2 weeks before her due date with a nerve problem. The way the baby was sitting was blocking some nerve that triggered a receptor in her brain.  Her fainting spells later in pregnancy were also accomplanied by small seizures.  It was totally weird, and unfortunately nothing that could be prevented. 

    Hopefully your situation won't be anything like that, but it could be a combination of the heat, and the way baby is sitting.

    Good luck!!

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  • Well it's not my blood pressure, because it's *always* fine when I've been going in, which has been biweekly for the past 1.5 months....

     After talking to the nurse, she said to up my protien and also try some powerade/gatorade to see if that would help.  She said it was very normal to start feeling lethargic in the last trimester- especially since I told her baby was WAY active, she said, that's why I'm feeling not so active.  It's taking all my nutrients.

    Thanks for your advice, I'm hoping to feel "back to normal" soon....


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  • No, but sounds scary to feel that way. Have you taken your glucose test yet?

    Be sure to carry water/snacks with you, and maybe try not to drive very far (or at all) until your feeling better or figure out whats going on.

    So sorry :( Hope you are able to figure out whats going on and feel better soon! Keep us updated.

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  • SarahJean--- Glucose test came back normal, had it about 2 weeks ago...

    My DH just came by work with some gatorade and more ice water, and I just had some cheese and crackers. Thanks, girls, you're awesome!


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                              ~~~ EDD for Baby #2  6/28/15~~~~

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  • I had this on Saturday. I got really dizzy, fuzzy headed and things started going dark, like the feeling right before passing out. For me, I'm pretty sure it is blood pressure related because mine was low the other day at my appointment. 

    I talked to one of my doctor friends as well as my mw and they both said it's definitely very common. They both stressed drinking lots of water and laying down when you feel dizzy so you don't fall. 

    Hope you feel better and figure out what it is to hopefully try to avoid it! 

  • I've been having those issues lately and have been told to up the water intake and prop my feet up. I have an appointment Wednesday and hope it's not BP-related since I had high BP with my first.

    Hope you're feeling better!


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  • I have something called orthostatic hypotension. This just basically means that my BP can drop suddenly and without a ton of warning. I have lower BP (not dangerously or anything) and when it drops, it drops and I get very light headed and have passed out.  This gets worse with pregnancy.

    I just have to make sure I stay hydrated and eat when I feel "off" so I try to keep a bottle of water and a granola bar or something else in my bag at all times.

    I would see if you can take your BP when you're feeling this way if you have been ok at all doc appts. It may not be showing up there.  

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  • This is happening to me. My BP & blood sugar are fine. I tried to discuss it with my doc at the last appt but he blew me off. HE is being fired after this baby is born. My mom is a nurse and she talked to the L & D nurses at the hospital she works and they told her that I should increase my protein. I have been drinking more milk. i was have 2 large glasses a day and now I & having 4 large glasses. I also keep string cheese int he fridge at hom e& work and have one before I leave. I have been feeling much better since I did this. My mom spoke to a dietican at work today and said what I am doing should help but to bring it up at my next appointment.

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