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Here goes my 29 week post!

Happy 29 weeks.. 4 more weeks and i'm "in the clear" with my cervix and being high risk BUT they have a few others things they are also monitoring now- so im still crossing my fingers that 32weeks is my last high risk MFM appointment. The only perk is that every 10 days-3weeks i get a 3d pic..

2 half days of school left..and then maternity leave till Jan 2, 2013

Went to the beach yesterday and sat mostly under an umbrella the whole time- so odd since i tan- yes im a jersey girl... but get HOT so fast now! Didnt run into the Jersey shore cast though thank god!

How is everyone else? What did you do yesterday? If you work are you almost done? Did you pack your hospital bag yet? What are you putting in your hospital bag? This picture if it works is from Friday- for fathers day..Happy Fathers Day!


Re: Here goes my 29 week post!

  • Aw jelaous we dont get out until Thurs. We are going to OC MD next week for our last vacation as a family of 3, lol. Im a tad bit crazy and am working 2 weeks of summer school, lol. But am pretty darn excited to be out of work until Dec. We have to work 120 days per year in my district or you loose your step for that year, so I would have lost it if I went back in Jan :(
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  • i offically was suppose to go back Dec 21.. but since thats the last day before xmas week they agreed to keep my insurance for Dec without making me go in for 1 day..
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