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Baby is here and I never had one contraction... A birth story about the unexpected!!

So my birth story is one for the books on unexpected things to happen. 

My due date was June 26th. At my 35 week appointment, my blood pressure was higher than it had been. Up until that point, I had no complications   and a very healthy pregnancy. I was overweight before I was pregnant and from day one I was worried about high blood pressure and really tried to take care of my myself.

 I wanted a very natural birth. I planned on not having an epidural or using medication if at all possible. I definitely didn't want a c-section!!

 Because my blood pressure was high at 35 weeks, doctor wanted to see me every week. At 36 weeks my blood pressure was in the same range at 35 weeks, but what concerned my doctor was the fact that there was some protein in my urine and I had gained too much weight. So, my doctor talked to me about toxemia and said to take it easy. He was concerned that I was developing the symptoms. 

So, I tried to take it easy. I cut back on my sodium and really tried to take care of myself by resting in the evenings and drinking plenty of fluids during the day.

 I had an appointment scheduled for last Thursday, but on Tuesday I was not feeling well and had the nurse at school (I am a teacher) check my blood pressure. It was higher than it should have been and was higher than my previous appointments. So, I called the doctor and they said come into the office, so I did. 

 My doctor sent me to the hospital to get some blood work done, because I now had lots of protein in my urine and he needed to check on my liver and kidneys. After 4 hours in a triage room in labor and delivery, my blood came back okay, but the doctor wanted me on bed rest. He allowed me to finish working through Friday, but I was on very strict rules to take it easy and rest in the evenings.

 On Thursday we had to follow up with the doctor and he said he was not convinced that I was getting the toxemia, because my levels were better on Tuesday and that I should do absolutely nothing all weekend and come to see him Monday. On Thursday, my cervix was not softened and he said I wasn't opulent be induced yet. So we had to some back Monday and have my levels checked to see if bed rest would help.

However, on Saturday, I woke up with very tight pressure in my chest. My mom came over and took my blood pressure and it was very very high. So we called the doctors office on call and they said go to the hospital.

 Once at the hospital, they admitted me, because my blood pressure was so high and my the lab work they did was worse than it had been on Tuesday. Basically they told me that I would be having my baby that weekend. 

 Saturday afternoon around 4pm they put Cervadil in me to try and soften my cervix, so that they could start me on pitocin Sunday morning. Sunday morning they drew more blood and started the pitocin. They up the level of the pitocin once, but I wasn't feeling any contractions yet. When my blood work came back, it was worse than it had been on Saturday.

They explained to me that the best option was to take the baby now, because of the way my body was reacting. They also explained that my platelets were very low. So, they brought the anesthesiologist in to explain that if they did a spinal, they could hit a blood vessel and because my platelets were low, they were some very high risks to my spinal cord because my body was not going to be able to clot properly. 

 The solution would be to give me a general anesthesia during the csection. This meant that I would be completely knocked out for the birth and my husband would not be able to be in the room with me. He would have to wait in the recovery room for me and the baby. 

So, Sunday morning around 10 o clock, I went into the OR to have my baby. She was born at 10:11. She weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces and was 20 inches long. And although she was 37 weeks and 4 days, she Is very healthy and doing really well.

 I was stuck in recovery for a couple of hours, because of the bleeding, but my body was able to get it under control, so that I could return to my regular room. I even got to feed her while in the recovery room, because they allowed her to stay with me.

 I don't remember much, from that time, but I do know that I was really disoriented at the beginning and it was her cry that made me realize where I was and what was going on.


So even though the whole thing was completely opposite of what I thought would happen, in the end I still have my baby girl and I never had a contraction!!!  

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Re: Baby is here and I never had one contraction... A birth story about the unexpected!!

  • Congrats on your little girl!  Sorry you didn't have the birth you were hoping for

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  • Wow! Congrats!!
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  • I'm sorry you didn't get the birth experience you wanted; hopefully, yours is a speedy recovery! And congrats on your new little girl!!!

  • Congrats on your little girl!  Sorry you didn't have the birth you were hoping for




  • Sounds like your pre-e progressed very quickly to HELLP syndrome. Very scary stuff. Glad everything turned out good. Congrats! Way to take it all in stride too! Healthy baby, healthy mom is the best route!
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  • Hope your recovery goes quickly! Congrats on your baby girl!!
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  • Congrats!  What a whirlwind week. 
  • Congrats! Hoping you have a speedy recovery!


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