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36 weeks PG and 2.5yo regression

I'm mostly a lurker and consider myself AP lite. We BF until 20min, BW, bedshared, etc. Well, I'm 36 weeks pregnant with DS2. DS1 will be 3 in Sept and was sleeping in his big bed until around 4 am. He would come join DH and I then and sleep til 630-7. He has totally regressed already. He wakes up sobbing and hysterical and only tired, pregnant mommy will do. He has to be touching me or he will wake up crying. I've tried to have DH sleep with him in our queen bed and me sleep in DS full bed bc I need to be able to sleep in a comfortable position. This doesn't work, again with hysterics until he gets mommy. So, I am sleeping in DS bed with DS to avoid the night time drama. I'm hesitant to do any sort of tough love with the stress of the almost here new baby, but I will really need to be able to attend to a newborn in a few weeks. Any suggestions? Should I just wait it out? Continue to bedshare with DS1 and have DS2 in PNP/bassinet/RNP? Make him accept DH at night? Help me please?
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Re: 36 weeks PG and 2.5yo regression

  • DS1 definitely went through a phase around the end of my pg w/ ds2 (he was 2 at the time), so it could be related to him sensing the changes. I've also read a lot lately that the 1/2 way point of a child's yr. is a time of disequalibrium for them... they tend to be more advanced mentally than what their bodies can do physically, easily frustrated, etc. DS is 2.5 now, and while he has been pretty even-tempered during the day, he's having lots of wake-ups, crying... wanting to nurse (even though he's nightweaned), etc. DH cosleeps with him in his room so the baby and I have plenty of room, but he can't always get him back to sleep and we switch beds until I can get him back to sleep. I don't have any advice about the sleeping arrangements.. we did all cosleep the first couple of weeks with a side-carred crib. Most likely you will plan on something, but will end up changing things as things play out with the transition with the new LO :) Hang in there... it can be tough meeting the needs of 2 now and in those first few weeks, but things do/will get better.
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  • so it could be related to him sensing the changes. I've also read a lot lately that the 1/2 way point of a child's yr.




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