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People I want to punch in the face...

Anyone who comments "Wow! It MUST be twins."


People who say "Well you should really enjoy pregnancy and be grateful because so many people can't get pregnant."  (Last thing you want to hear when you are on the verge of puking/having a preggo breakdown /got lectured for weight gain/etc.)


"You probably shouldn't eat/drink/lick that...because you're pregnant."


90% of those who start phrases with "Well, when I was pregnant..." and comes out sounding like "I did it better than you because..."


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Re: People I want to punch in the face...

  • I hate it when people say, "It doesn't look like you'll make it to September." They started saying that in May.
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  • I don't want to punch this person because she's my grandma and may break a hip but I hate when she says:

    Don't reach above your can strangle the baby

    You need to have all the kids you want before you turn 30, after that you're too old


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  • "Enjoy your sleep now - you will never sleep again."  Thanks a%$hole.  I'm well aware that babies don't like to sleep (this is not my first rodeo), but I also can't force myself to get comfortable and sleep 12 hrs a night with two kids under 6!!!
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  • imageilovelife:

    Don't reach above your can strangle the baby 

    This made me laugh so hard! 

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  • hahahaa love it.  I never heard that reaching over your head could strangle your baby....I think i once heard that running a marathon would make your uterus fall out.  lol


    Love the old fashion theories.  


    I am never quite sure how to respond to some of the comments.  "I still got a bit more time..." *awkward laugh*  what i want to say is "Oh my gosh you are so hilarious!" 

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  •  I know we have all heard "You're not due to September? Its going to be a long HOT summer!" 

     Are we the first girls in the world to have a baby in September? SHeesh!


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  • My next door neighbour is about 157 yrs old and every time she sees me she pats my belly and tells me, "you shouldn't be out here in the heat, go inside and take it easy." or "You're working night shift?? Oh no, you need to take it easy." or "you shouldn't be walking the dog, let your husband do that, you need to take it easy.."

    The other day I was out for my run and she said it again and I said "OK!" and then jogged away.

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