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UPDATE: Ever kill a dog with chocolate?

How much chocolate do you think could take down a dachshund? The home case I'm at, they own a 2 year old dachshund. I had a bag of chocolate covered almonds on the couch, I thought I'd closed it well enough, but when I came back she was chowing down. I don't know how many she ate. She is acting fine now, but please someone with experience with this tell me WWYD? If she gets sick or dies, not only would I be fired, but I'd be dead, because the husband treats her better than his children.

Update: The dog is fine, she just took a nice big poop in the backyard and now is laying down in front of a fan. 

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Re: UPDATE: Ever kill a dog with chocolate?

  • Ms5586Ms5586 member

    My beagle ate a baseball-sized hunk of the Easter peanut butter and chocolate eggs and never got sick. 

    Since they are chocolate covered almonds, I doubt she had gotten too much.  FWIW, milk chocolate is ok, dark chocolate is a little worse.  It's the amount of cacao that can hurt.

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  • sesigssesigs member
    Lurking but I just wanted to say I would not induce vomiting unless recommended by a vet. A 20 pound dog needs to ingest 18oz of milk chocolate or 6oz of dark chocolate for it to be a toxic level. The dog you're describing is probably less than 20 pounds but it is highly unlikely that it even got close to ingesting enough chocolate to be considered dangerous. However, just to note almonds aren't great for dogs either so make sure to hide any future snacks you bring to that home! 
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  • You'll be surpried just how much chocolate must be consumed to be toxic.  It also matters whether its milk or dark chocolate. 

    My 23lbs cocker spaniel ate 2.5 linde chocolate bunnies (2 milk choc. and .5 dark choc.) - I called the vet and they indicated based on the amount consumed, he was at the bottom end of the amount that is considered toxic.  The vet said I could bring him in for observation - but thats all they do until there are any other symptoms (i.e. vomitting).  My dog was fine - he did have a very sleepless nght - as the amount of caffine in the choclate and his upset tummy kept him up.

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  • I think you should be ok, but you should probably call the vet and see what they say, especially if she's really tiny. When DH's lab was about a year or two old, she ate an entire box of chocolates- dark and milk. She was probably about 50lbs. The vet said to watch her and bring her in if she started vomiting, but she was fine.

    I really think his dog has a death wish though... she LOVES chocolate, it's all you can do to keep it away from her. Not even a month later she managed to open and consume an entire package of chips ahoy, and then later a whole tub of cotton candy.  

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  • How's the dog doing?
  • My dog got into some chocolate once so i called my vet. He saif a lethal dose of milk chocolate is 1oz for every 10 lbs of dog.
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  • Lurker here....my pomeranian ate 4 solid chocolate cadbury eggs several years ago. Even though she pooped, she was exhibiting symptoms of chocolate toxicity. She had to go to the vet, and was given charcoal. She also had to be monitored. I would call your vet just to be safe. Good luck!
  • Dogs are pretty resilient.  I would say it takes a pretty good amount to harm a dog.  Our dog has gotten into marshmallows, m&m's, an entire batch of Christmas cookies, roach baits, you name it...his foster mom said he was a counter surfer, and he sure is good at it! You don't hear a THING :) He is a big dog, though, so that may have something to do with it.
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