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Not-So-Good Ultrasound Results (kinda long)

I went in for a regular OB/GYN appointment this afternoon.  It was supposed to be my last monthly appointment before they switched me to every 2 week appointments.  I was scheduled for an ultrasound after the doctor's appointment to try for the fifth and final time to get the facial views that I should have gotten during my anatomy scan (he kept hiding his face from the camera).  The doctor decided to add getting the baby's weight since I was already scheduled for the ultrasound today anyway. 

He weighs 2 pounds 7 ounces according to ultrasound.  The doctor said that his weight is in the 34th percentile and his abdominal size is in the 10th percentile.  I apparently am growing a small baby because my uterus is exactly where it should be for being 28 weeks.  She did say that it's a little early to be really concerned about his small size but she's going to act overly cautious and schedule me for fetal monitoring next week to see if he is in distress.  She mentioned that there may a problem with the placenta or it could be nothing.  On a happier note, his score for movement and overall activity or whatever was 8 out of 8.  And the fact that he had the hiccups while I was in the office was a good sign that his nervous system has developed well.  And we did finally get the facial views.  He yawned in the middle of the ultrasound.  If only he would gain a little more weight...

He is so active in there all the time and I haven't had ANY problems this whole pregnancy except some heartburn and backaches, it never occurred to me that there would be anything to worry about.  When they called me back in to talk to the doctor after my ultrasound, I'm pretty sure my heart dropped to my stomach. Has anyone had this issue before with a baby that's too small?

Re: Not-So-Good Ultrasound Results (kinda long)

  • It sounds like your doctor is just taking precautions rather than blowing things off and saying oh it's nothing when it might be something.  Our doctor did this too when the baby's heartbeat acted up during the doppler...we went to children's hospital they ran a billion tests and it turned out nothing was wrong, but we were glad she wanted to investigate it rather than playing it down as nothing and it ended up being something.  I know it's hard not to worry, but just be glad you will get extra monitoring now.  Good luck and keep us posted!
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  • DD was  born at 2lb 3oz at 31w (the size of a 27 weeker). My placenta was smaller than normal and had a bunch of clots. This contributed to her small size. 

    She is now doing fine (just a bit petite). But she's not flying through clothing sizes, so she gets more use out of each size (one perk of a small baby).  

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  • Also, the estimated weight on u/s is a crap shoot at best. A few hours before I deliver, they guessed her weight to be 2lb 15oz. Yeah, that's almost a 25%-30% difference than what she actually came out as.

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  • I wouldn't worry too much.  Babies have so many growth spurts and lulls in the womb.  Besides, the average weight for a baby at 28 weeks is between 2 and 3 lbs. 
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  • rarazzrarazz member
    I had the same issue at my last ultrasound, I spoke with the genetics team again (I already see MFM for being high risk) and they plan on a few follow up ultrasounds but are not overly concerned. He said she just is a little baby and not to worry myself to much. 
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  • You sound like you got much more info than I did. At my ultrasound last week, it seemed like it had gone well and then my OB called to say that the baby is measuring smaller than before and that she'd be referring me to a high risk OB and acheduling me for another ultrasound in a month. I spent that day crying and convinced all was awful and finally talked to the OB via email. She said not to panic about it and to change nothing that I was doing. They just want to monitor it. I felt a lot better. Since it seems like your doc would like to monitor too, I vote you are in the don't panic camp to. I'm sending growing thoughts your way. GL!!!
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  • I'm in the opposite boat..

    I went to MFM at 26 weeks..(2 weeks ago)..they said the baby was 2.7lbs at 26 weeks so big.. they were happy i had my Glucose Test scheduled for that Friday.. The high risk dr thought i had a chance of not passing it.. well i passed.. i go back next week to get the baby measured again.. but im high risk so go every 3 weeks anyway.. My daugther was 8.3lbs so i really figured i would have a 9lb baby this time anyway.. good luck

  • You may just end up having a small baby.  Try not to worry.  Both of my children measured only in the 30% range (even when I had GD with my son).  Both were born at 39 weeks at 6lbs....they were completely healthy, just little.  Of course now they are tall and in like the 95% range :)
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  • imagemands629:

    I'm sure your baby will be fine.  I would rather push out of my vag a small, healthy baby than a huge healthy baby.  ;-)

    HEY!  I take offense to that ;)

    OP- I'm sure everything will be fine!  These ultrasounds are just estimates and it is not an exact science.  I'm sure your baby will be of average size at birth :) 


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  • My sister is due on September 21st and her baby was measuring small at the anatomy scan but the doctor wasn't too concerned about the size of the baby and neither is she.  Her husband's family are all on the small side so they are guessing LO is taking after his family.  The doc said there is nothing to be concerned about because babies grow at different rates and have growth spurts differently for each pregnancy so as long as baby is otherwise healthy it's not anything to be too alarmed about
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  • Thanks ladies for all the great wisdom.  I feel better about it now than yesterday.  EVERYONE I've talked to has pretty much said that same thing:  The ultrasounds are not exact, so what if my baby is small as long as he's healthy, etc. I appreciate all you!

  • I was the opposite with DS. I was seen by a high risk Dr for blood pressure issues. I kept measuring small but the u/s's would say he was okay just maybe below 30%ile. Well he was born at 38w at 5lb 2oz. He was totally healthy & still is. His last weight on an u/s was about a week before he was born & he was estimated at 6lb 12oz at the time. My placenta was really small when it came out. If it weren't for all the monitoring, I would've never been put on bedrest so soon & the complications would have been worse. Thank your OB for taking precautions, even though its worrisome.

     PS- pushing him out was a breeze (as much of a breeze as a vaginal delivery can be lol) 

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