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brown spotting 9 weeks- help!

I started spotting (brown creamy discharge) last week at 8 weeks and went for an emergency ultrasound. I could see the baby's heartbeat and my hormone levels were perfect so the doctor sent me home and said everything was ok. Since then (almost 2 weeks) I have had more light pink to brown discharge on and off everyday (just about a smearing on the toilet paper each time). The doc told me to call the office only if the amount was enough to go through a pad, which it hasn't, or if I had really bad cramps. I still feel pregnant (fatigue, nausea, sore breasts, etc) but I am soooooo worried. Has anyone else had similar experiences? Thanks!

Re: brown spotting 9 weeks- help!

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    I just want to say good luck. & honestly, I'd call your OB and tell them you're still experiencing a lot of spotting.

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    I had the exact same thing with my first.  I was freaked out as well but delivered a perfect full term baby boy.  My OB explained that sometimes as the uterus starts to stretch and expand old blood (like from previous cycles) can be discharged.  As long as it is brownish and light spotting or smearing versus bright red and heavier like a period I'm sure you are fine.  Especially if your doctor has checked you out.  
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    I had a lot of that with my first two pregnancies...  the first time it scared me but I knew what to expect with my second..... If the doc says your fine then be sure you're not searching the internet to see what everyone else says about it because you are gonna get some crazy stories and all it will do is get you stressed out....  just keep your mind busy on the fun side of pregnancy and that amazing little life growing inside you.   Be sure to thank Jesus for giving you the gift of life, and enjoy your day.



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    Call your doctor.
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