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DH and I are considering a promotion for DH that would involve a move to the Bethesda area. I'm looking for info in regards to family friendly towns in the area. We live commuting distance to Boston right now, so the cost of living will be about the same, probably slightly higher. Also besides family friendly towns, what is the common type of child care arrangement down there. We currently have a nanny and I'd prefer to continue an arrangement like that.

Another question what types of properties are available for like 500 to 600k down there? Sorry for the lots of questions but just curious from gals who live there on what you all think. TIA! 


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  • I live in VA, but most of Montgomery County (where Bethesda is) seems pretty family-friendly.  People use the usual nanny/au pair/in-home DCP/center combination here.  If you want to find a local nanny, the website DC Urban Moms seems to be popular for finding nannies.

    In Bethesda, $500-600k would probably get you a TH or small SFH.  If you go farther out from Bethesda/DC/the Beltway (maybe Gaithersburg, Olney, still in MoCo) you could probably find more house for that amount. 

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  • I live in Montgomery County.  For the most part you can get a nice TH for that much.  It's a very HCOL area.  You may luck out and find a small home, but farther out like Poolesville, Olney or somthing like that.

    I live in Gaithersburg and it is VERY family friendly.  Everyone I know has kids or is having them.  There are lots of parks and local events that are great for families.  It's a great area.  I've lived in this area pretty much my entire life.

    Agree with PP about child care.  We use a DC, but once we have our second it will be too expensive and we'll have to go the route of a nanny or in-home DC.  The average DC costs around here are $1600-$2050 per month. 


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  • Thanks for the responses. We are still feeling this all out. DH currently takes the cummter to Boston everyday so a little commute for him would not be a big deal in terms of moving a little out to get more house. Where we live now it's pretty HCOL already so that doesn't scare us much. And the nanny/ DC costs sound right on with what we pay already. So sounding good so far! I love moving and can do my type of work everywhere. So with the right money increase for DH I'd love a move for some changes of scenery. 

  • i used to live in the area (east boston, dorchester, brighton, worked in malden). if you want to share the town you currently live in, i can give you an equivalent town here. 
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  • 500-600k in Bethesda won't go too far honestly, but if you look in Rockville/North Potomac/Bethesda, you can do pretty well. In my area, you can get a nice 4 bedroom sfh for that and still have great schools. This area is very family friendly.
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