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Sore Boobs!

Okay I am 7 weeks pregnant and I was hoping that my breast pain would at least ease up but its horrible! I have m/s even but my least favorite symptom is the sore breast. Every night when I take my bra off I cry. Its sometimes unbareable and frustrating. They just feel so heavy, is anyone else having this much pain? I might add that I'm a large breasted woman already wearing a 38DD so I'm sure this has a lot to do with my situation. I just see a lot of complaints about the m/s and heartburn (which I have both) but not much about how sore breasts can get.




Re: Sore Boobs!

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    I could relate with my first pregnancy, the breast tenderness was something fierce. This time it was no where near as bad. So be hopeful that if you have any more kids it might not be as bad. I am also a 36 DD prepregnancy.
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    I feel your pain!! I wont even let my husband touch them they hurt so bad! Sadly I don't think that there is anything you can do to ease the pain ethier!! Hopefully that symptom fades quick for the both of us!
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    Mine started around 6 or 7 weeks and it was HORRIBLE! I was a 34DD to begin with, and all of my bras are too small! I would almost cry when I would take my bra off too.. and it was even worse when I was sleeping.. I would wake up every time I changed position hurting so bad! I'm almost ten weeks now, and they still hurt sometimes but for the past week or so, they have MAJORLY eased up.. Relief is coming! =)
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    You poor thing. :( You should ask your OB about this.
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    I'm also large on top (42F) and have been having wicked boob pains. I can't even cross my arms b/c it hurts my boobs so bad. Forget about taking a bra off at night to sleep, I'm seriously considering sleeping in my new cotton bra from Cacique...
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    My boobs are also very sore. Im 8 weeks....Theyre okay throughout the day, but my hubby has learned that only "Nice touches" are allowed!!! they hurt soo bad if he touches them even with a little bit of roughness. I hear its supposed to get better.
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    Try putting a bag of cold peas on them! 
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    Yep, very normal for this time!
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