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She will not eat hypo formula

Has anyone else delt with this? I tried giving her Similac's & Enfamil's hypo formulas and she gagged and would not take it. Then I tried putting just 1oz. in her bottle she still was gagging and I could not get her to even finish her bottle. I dumped it out and just gave her her regular stuff and maybe she though it was still in there so she just would not take that. She did much later at another feeding. So today I bought the rtf in Similac's I've read they take it better sometimes and nope she will not take it. Sooooo what the heck do you to if you feel there is a sensitivty/intolerance and your lo won't drink the hypo formulas???
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Re: She will not eat hypo formula

  • Sorry -- I was fortunate that DD took to it right away coming off from BM.

    I would try to mix it with the regular stuff first - get her to slowly take more and more.

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  • mine wouldn't drink it at first. i gradually mixed it in-  1 oz neocate with 3 oz breast milk & increased from there. now she likes it. 
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  • We are currently doing nutramigen and bm mix. So far we have him up to 1.5 oz of it in a 4 oz bottle. We started at 0. Go slow and hopefully your lo will get used to it.  
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  • mcleremclere
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    Ok yeah I'm up to giving her 50/50 so that is good. I did not think it would be possible a couple days ago. Whew!

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