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Bike Riding While Pregnant?

OK... so I have a potentially dumb question. We're going to take a vacation (most likely VA Beach) in July... I'll be around 30-31 weeks. And we want to go tandem bike riding, or just bike riding in general, on the boardwalk and on the beach. Is this going to be a problem?

I'm not concerned about the physical aspect - I walk about 2 miles a day (not much but I'm proud, haha). I'm more concerned about the balance and pressure and whatever else... so second timers, or smarter women, tell me if this is doable!

I'm just trying to figure out activities that I can do, since so many things are going to be "off limits". Thanks in advance! 

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Re: Bike Riding While Pregnant?

  • Bike riding and horseback riding were both on the list of things my OB doesn't recommend.  I'd be most worried about falling and hurting yourself and/or the baby at that point.
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  • I've actually wondered this myself since my bike is staring me in the face each night saying "You should really get off your lazy arse and ride!" But I have yet to pull the trigger. I've heard from a few people to avoid them because your equalibrium is off especially later in pregnancy. A friend of mine road her bike until a few weeks ago when her OB found out and scolded her because apparently it can induce labor? That was the first I've heard.

    I would say skip the bike, even though fun and find some relaxing activities!



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  • Thanks for the input, ladies!
    "Mommy, HELP ME!"

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  • I haven't been told not to ride a bike, but when I did the other day it was uncomfortable. I'm carrying quite lot and it just felt like my thighs were pressing on the bump every time I pedalled.

    Might just have been that day, but I'd give it a go and see how you feel.

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    I still ride but I have a cruiser bike so I'm pretty upright. I also have DS's trailer on the back.

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  • What I've heard about bike riding is that if you ride regularly before pregnancy, then it isn't a big deal to keep doing it. I had been planning on buying a bike this spring, but since I only road a handful of times last year, I decided to wait another year.

    If you do ride, I say do Tandem. The problem isn't the riding itself so much as the potential falling. If your partner is helping with balance, then you should be safer. Also, go slow.

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  • My obgyn told me it was fine to ride my bike. I am carrying the baby really high so I think that is why it does not bother me. I have a cruiser bike too.
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  • My DH and I were really into biking when we lived in FL. I specifically asked my OB and he said it was ok. We rode 5-10 miles daily. We move back to Ohio and I almost immediately go into pre term labor at 31 weeks. Dr here gasped when I mentioned all the biking. He said the pressure of the bumping and bouncing between your legs is TERRiBLE for pregnant women. I thought my OB in FL I know he dis. Don't risk it.
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  • My Dr said it was fine as long as I feel like I can balance, and to keep Otto a slow pace to avoid falling.
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  • My MW said riding is fine because it isn't a lot of strain on your joints. Of course, I'm talking about a flat, paved bike path at a leisurely pace. The last time I rode I was 22 weeks and felt fine. I have a gel seat for the crotch comfort. Maybe it is just me, but I wouldn't ride tandem. I think a solo rider can more easily adjust her balance to accommodate her new center of gravity than a rider who has to negotiate balance with someone else. 
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