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Fingertip dilated at 34 1/2 weeks!!

I thought I had a yeast infection so went to ob. They did an internal swab to check and noted that I was already fingertip dilated. I know it likely means nothing, but at the same time, it's also a little scary. Anyone with similar experiences?? Lots of pressure and cramping  today too which makes me wonder if it's from internal or some thing more.....
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Re: Fingertip dilated at 34 1/2 weeks!!

  • I went to my doctor appt when I was 34 weeks and since my blood pressure was a bit elevated they decided to check to see if I was dilated as well. I was at 1 cm which surprised me so they put me on light bed rest to settle down the blood pressure and hopefully keep things from progressing. My doctor just wanted me to get to full term at 37 weeks, then I could pretty much do whatever I wanted again.

    It is not uncommon to be dilated and stay the same for a few weeks. They say you may have some spotting and cramping from them checking you, but if it continues I would say call the doctor.  Hope this helps any..


  • I was a finger-tip dilated and 50% effaced with baby low and engaged at 35 weeks.  I was still that exactly (my OB was kind and said I was 1cm dilated) at 38 weeks and 1 day.  I had had two episodes during my 37th week of timable contractions, so I had fully expected to see some progress, but no luck. 

    My OB said that many docs don't do cervical checks because dilation doesnt really indicate when a woman will go into labor.  It is more important that baby is low down b/c a baby pressing against your cervix will thin and soften your cervix, and a thin/soft cervix will dilate faster.  However, a baby can go from being a floater to knocking on the exit door very quickly.  IDK, I am still bummed. 

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  • Davesgirl... Do you know how engaged? I'm -1 and wonder if thats low enough to put pressure on cervix....
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  • I found out at 31 wks that I was a cm dilated and a little bit effaced (like 10%). Baby has been super low and I've had the cramping and burning sensation since then (I'm 33 wks). Also tested + w/ the FFN test, but that doesn't mean a whole lot. I'm on modified bed rest through this week and there was no change as of Friday. This LO will prob. end up being late! I know I was 2cm w/ DS @ 35 wks, and was eventually induced for high blood pressure at 39 wks. I figure you never know, but you can also walk around for weeks being dilated. Regardless, call your doc if you have any major changes!
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  • I was 4cm dilated at 32w and 6cm dilated at 36w.  I still made it to my 39w induction.  Unfortunately it means nothing (which is good in your case because it's still so early!)

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