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Newborn visitation qs

My exboyfriend and I are on pretty good terms, and he has said he wants to be involved with the baby since we found out I was pregnant. I gave birth to our son May 16th and live alone. I breastfeed exclusively. My ex has made an effort to come over almost everyday to see the baby for about an hour. Now that the baby is almost 4 wks old, he wants me to start pumping so he can take him overnight. My ex lives with his mother, who is not that great with kids, and he has a gf that has recently threatened my life. I don't want to keep him from his child, especially when he wants to be involved. But I don't trust his mother or gf with my baby. We do not have the courts involved.

Q1:  At what age do you let your newborn stay overnight?

Q2: Should I make a stipulation about him always being there with the baby?

Re: Newborn visitation qs

  • If you have no court ordered visitation schedule, I wouldn't let him have the baby at all overnight. The gf comment is VERY concerning. 
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    My ex-husband started taking Emma overnight when she was 2 weeks old. I would not recommend this for everyone and have a lot of regret about it (I had a very hard recovery from labor, could hardly walk etc.). I only allowed it because he is very responsible and I formula fed.

    If his girlfriend threatened you in any way I would ABSOLUTLY not allow overnight visitation if she will be around your child. I would keep any evidence you had about the threat for future court proceedings. There are too many crazy people out there I would not take the chance; she is obviously unstable if she is threatening your life


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  • My son is two weeks old. Until a court orders me to, SD won't even get unsupervised visitation, let alone overnights!

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