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Weird pregnancy dream

Here's a strange one I had last night... I kept harping on DH to make sure he cleaned the toilet extra well after each use because we have to bathe the baby in it. Seriously!?! Bathe the baby in the toilet?! I actually did that in my dream, something about the shape and size that made it less likely for the baby's head to slip under water.


Other strange dreams out there lately? 

Re: Weird pregnancy dream

  • A ton lately.  And I am finding them unsettling. I had when where I had DS now at 27 weeks and he was punching hid legs and and hands out of me. He wouldn't breastfeed and then he grew up too quickly similar to that movie with Robin Willams.  I think it was Patch Adams released about ten years ago.  For the past week, I've been having intense dreams. 
  • Well you ladies make me feel better!

    Two weeks ago the baby came out walking from the hospital!

    Last week I was getting a scan in the dream but it was like a video camera view and the baby was 24in tall and standing inside of me (am 24 wks). Next to her were two small small babies...apparently in the dream I was having triplets but they were all at various stages of development.

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  • imagekivagurl8:
    I had one last week that the baby came out half human and half octopus! He had the 8 arms and suction cups and everything. I was totally freaked out when I woke up! Two nights ago I had another one that I was BFing the kittens until the baby came. I swear I don't have sexual feelings towards animals!


    I feel better!  I dreamed I had the baby out in the barn and I gave birth to twin goat kids!  Wow.  That was really weird... 


  • I dreamed that my mom had a bassinet for me, but it didnt fit in our car. So instead of taking it apart or leaving it with her, we decided to push it 200 miles to my house... and we attached the cozy coup to the back "since we were making the trip anyways". I swear Im losing my mind!
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