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Gender reveal U/S

Well this Wednesday I'll be having an u/s just to see if the baby will show us anything. The baby is doing fine and the dr doesn't need measurements.


The big question is...what should I do to make the baby move so I can see? A chocolate bar? Coke? (would rather the chocolate).

I'm 24w and I still only feel flutters and its not often so the baby doesn't seem to wiggle much as it is.. ideas pls!

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Re: Gender reveal U/S

  • I've done a cookie once as well as OJ about 15 minutes before and it got the baby moving both times. :)
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  • OJ has been what I've heard works the best!
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  • Orange juice.
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  • US Tech told me not to have any sugar or caffiene because the first time we tried to findout the baby would not stop moving and he couldnt get a look at the genitals.  2nd time I followed his advice and the baby was still and he was able to determine it was a boy.
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