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Welcome Clark Warren! (PIP)

So, Mr Clark did not want to come out.  Due to his estimated size a couple days before my due date, my doctor decided to set a date for induction.  I was set to be induced May 31st at 7pm.  

I went got checked in at the hospital, and finally got to my room about 10pm, and they started the cervidil about 10:30pm.  We were all set and just waiting and decided to go to bed about midnight.  I woke up at 1:30am with contractions and was able to receive IV drugs and get some sleep until about 4am.  I got some more IV drugs and napped in and out for the next couple hours.  They decided to take out the cervidil at about 7am, and my lovely, lovely nurse asked me if I wanted an epi, and we got that started before they started the pitocin at about 8:30am.  Then we just kind of hung out in a nice numb state, until my first syringe was empty about noon, and they started a second one, but it wore off a little bit so I had to push the button.  They figured I'd be at 10cm by about 1:30pm, but they wanted to wait for him to descend as much as possible before starting to push.  Finally about 4:30pm, they had me push for about a half hour, but there was still a little cervix on the right side, so they had me lay on my side for about 30 mins and start pushing again.  After another hour and a half of pushing, he still hadn't crowned.  My doctor comes in, and gives me the option of c-section or *maybe* another hour of pushing would birth him, but he was worried that he's just unable to descend down the birth canal.

I went c-section, by that time I wanted him out.  He was born at 8:00pm, June 1st, weighing 8lbs 15oz and DH watched them pull him out (which kind of surprised me).  He's a little monster - actually a very calm baby, but DH and I like to mess around with how he likes to do his ninja hands when nursing and has evil thoughts like Stewie on Family Guy.

We love him so, and DH has really surprised me as a father thus far (in a good way).  I'm having difficulty with this whole not allowed to drive for 2 weeks thing, but I'll manage.



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  • Congrats on your little man. He is too cute!
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  • Congrats! He is so cute. Love the hair.

    Oh-and on the c/s driving thing, if you are not taking narcotics, you can drive. I never took anything other than Motrin and I had my last c/s on a Thurs and drove the following Monday!




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  • Congratulations! He's absolutely precious. Hope your recovery goes quickly and smoothly!

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  • congrats!! he's adorable Smile
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    Sweet boy! Congratulations!!
  • Congratulations! What a cutie! :)
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  • Congratulations!
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  • Congrats! He's adorable!
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  • congratulations on your little guy. he is adorable!
  • Congrats! He is too cute!



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  • Congratulations! I love his hair, what a cutie!
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  • he is ADORABLE!!!!!! congratulations!!

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