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baby health and safety

So, I have been trying to add a few health and safety type items to our registry (nail clippers, the nose sucker thing, etc), but all of the kits I seem to find get terrible reviews....I'm not set on a kit I'm willing to buy individual items, but does anyone have ones that they love and have held up (which seems to be the biggest complaint)?
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Re: baby health and safety

  • These are my absolute favorite nail clippers.  I don't actually use the magnifying glass (thought I would but it's more of a hassle) but they are big enough to be comfortable for me to hold.  A lot of baby nail clippers are tiny and hard for me to grip.

    ETA:  As far as holding up, I'm still using them on my almost 3 1/2 year old.

    As far as nose suction, the one they give you from the hospital is going to be the best one, so I wouldn't even bother buying one of those.

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  • I read the same terrible reviews...I ended up getting everything individually. No idea how they'll end up working!
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  • hmp1hmp1 member

    I bit off DS's nails when he was a newborn. Cutting newborn fingers is really scary. Now I use the Safety First clippers.

    I used the nose aspirator from the hospital until I bought a Nose Frida. No much faster and better than the blue bulb.

    We also received two medicine droppers from the hospital.

    I did get a little grooming kit at my shower that had a brush, comb, and finger tooth brush. I used them all. Now DS uses a regular tooth brush though. 

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  • The Safety 1st comb/brush set worked best for us for her hair.  I still use The First Years American Red Cross clippers. They really worked well for me and still do after 2 years.  Generic ibuprofen infant (after 6 mos) worked great for us, pediatricians are recommending using it over acetaminophen (tylenol) now for fevers, ear infections, etc.  I had The First Years nasal aspirator and it worked well, unlike pp's I did not receive one from the hospital.
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