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Postpartum Depression

Some advice from BTDT moms?

I know you can't dx me. I'll start with that. When things are going well with LO, generally I'm okay, but when we have rough days (and we have a lot, she's not an easy baby) then I get exhausted, exasperated, irratable and just plain down feeling--like it will never get better. I have anxiety about the baby waking up (seriously, she is difficult) and guilt about being a crap mom and that's why she's so angry and guilt because I don't enjoy being around her when she's being miserable.

 But when things are good, I'm cool. I have no issues.... does this sound PPDish or just "sucks, you got a hard baby" sort of thing.  

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Re: Some advice from BTDT moms?

  • This is how I felt for almost 15 months, my DS didn't STTN until then, and I was so anxious about him sleeping, staying on a schedule so he would sleep well (ish) and also a little upset because friend's kids seems so much easier than my little dude. We tried so many sleep training methods, it was honestly exhausting, mentally, emotionally, physically. My anxiety got worse as winter came and I developed some awful insomnia (he started STTN, but I was up, worrying about when he would wake up and how I was going to deal with it).  I would say it certainly doesn't hurt to talk with a therapist about how you are feeling. That's where I started. She said I had PPA and a little PPOCD. She referred me to a Child Development specialist to confer with the sleep training and to help me put my child's temperament in perspective. I also took a parenting class that made me feel a little better. I started working out again. I also took anti-depressants for awhile, it helped me get "me" back. 

    Having a difficult baby is very hard, I know.

    I think you would benefit from seeing a therapist who specializes in anxiety. My therapist gave me a ton of skills that helped me live in the present moment, and stop worrying about what to do if "xyz" happens. 

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  • How old is your LO? I felt that way for the first 2 months. Then, something changed. Not only did she start sleeping better, but my hormones changed as well.
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